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As we know prices of anything are related to supply and demand levels. Make more hydrogen available and it will become cheaper. Also it is in infinite supply forever. 43 years ago my partner and I in an LPG gas distribution business equipped and ran 3 one-tonne pickup trucks with LPG. No safety issues at all and the carbonisation that ensued then from petrol was totally absent. Each engine did well over 120,000 miles in rough conditions of daily use and fully laden.

LPG is seriously inflammable.

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Eventually we will see more hydrogen powered vehicles. The National Grid reticulation is too old and too decrepit to handle such a massive increase in demand and the supply of lithium may be problematic.

Honda have made great strides with hydrogen vehicles in Japan and the several obstacles to a rollout en masse can be cured with sufficient scientific input. As we have seen with the Covid vaccines anything is possible if there is sufficient will to provide the resources.

For about half the World the concept of every vehicle on the roads being electrically powered is the stuff of fiction. They are lucky to have electric lighting in homes.

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Gove's reign at education was marked by a number of interesting initiatives. - just far too many of them at the same time. A scattergun approach in politics is never successful. One thing at a time.

I was reminded of Andrew Lansley's overhaul of the NHS - so widespread that nothing of use actually occurred and much is now being undone.

Many will agree with me that we have far too many types of primary and secondary schools and in that proliferation the normal methods of safeguard, evaluation and inspection drift away in too many instances.

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I find it hard to take seriously anyone who pretends to deep understanding of education but who writes in gobbledegook with invented words. Primatise? Prioritise is English and has an accepted meaning.

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And maybe your Revered Leader had a hissy fit. It is not for the leader of a devolved nation to dictate what duties the Prime Minister of the UK can or will perform.

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Today Boris Johnson visited a mass vaccination centre at Cwmbran in Wales. Note that Mark Drakeford did not throw a hissy fit as to "how dare he cross the border"?

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I suspect that a poll of ConHome Conservatives would show that HS2 is about as popular as chancre. All of the articles we read are attempts at justification of a poorly conceived and badly planned project. Judging by other projects such as Crossrail it will come in 10 years behind schedule and 50% over budget. And in about 2045 who knows what other means of transport may be available?

Apart from all that who exactly wishes to commute from London to Birmingham or vice versa?

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He is a Trumpist and they can believe just about any ridiculous proposition. It is just the Chinese flu, masks are pointless and a 74 year old man can get it and be out of hospital and back to normal in 3 days in time to easily win an election..

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Trade sanctions will always be ineffectual. I was in South Africa during part of the apartheid period and one could buy anything from any country. Apart from that a great many local industries prospered making things that would normally have been imported. South Africa had a hugely successful oil-from-coal complex, produced ethanol from sugar cane, has a nuclear power plant. Those are now all decayed.

South African oranges were marketed as Produce of Chile and her bananas and avocados reached the Paris market without a hitch.

However, sanctions against the travel and bank accounts of leading figures and bars to normal international sports eventually won the day. The Country was suspended from just about every World organisation from rugby to cricket to chess and even from the UN whose charter, as for the earlier League of Nations, was part authored by Jan Smuts.

So forget trying to stop Chinese manufactures arriving here - they will come under all sorts of guises. Call for us to buy fewer Chinese goods - that can work but we must think of boosting our own range of manufacture.

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"Everyone on this board would have lived 95% of their lives with an excess death rate worse than 2020".

Not in any way true. The excess death rate in the UK is very notable. BTW I have had the Asian flu in 1957, saw the 1968 Hong Kong flu and all of the other epidemics.

Continuously you parade your prejudices from lockdowns not worthwhile, masks no use, Covid is not serious, vaccines have doubtful value. You have been at it the best part of a year now and you have been proven wrong over and over again.

Take up another cause - a worthwhile one.