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Concept and proof are widely separated.

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Mr Gauke - enough dissembling. You simply oppose Brexit under any conditions.

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20/1 - go for it then. In my area - and I have seen the second referendum team out at least 5 times in the town square - it is slightly less popular than stale bread. Oddly, taking into account Swinson's declaration, the team 2 weeks ago consisted of 4 localish LibDems and a Green.

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When the facts change one should change one's opinion. We have run out of time and the Benn amendment has crippled our negotiating power. We need to get it done, have a general election, get rid of Bercow. Then Parliament can start to function again instead of being a plaything for lawyers..

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The simplest of all would be to cease collecting all taxes except for some import duties and put in play a transaction tax whereby every bank transaction bears a tiny percentage for the Treasury.

The downside is that it would put thousands of HMRC staff out of work and perhaps tens of thousands Chartered Accountants, tax lawyers and their support staff since the entire tax code would be written on an A5 sheet of paper.

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The news of a possible deal being struck is like the Sun peeping through the October clouds and rain. It is still October.

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The Manifest Destiny Party? The Superior Beings Party?

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Let's face it, David Davies was getting nowhere so May went over his head.

Let's fact it David Davis was getting nowhere because May went over his head.

Two simple corrections and it is now true.

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I see no reason why the Supreme Court should not be asked to set aside the result of the 2016 referendum. After all the people (or at least the majority of the voters) did not know what they were voting for. They had been issued with a booklet which clearly illustrated the issues and dangers of voting to Leave but obviously most them were not able to read. The 16-million who were literate understand full well that a Leave vote would immediately put 500,000 out of work and create food and medicine shortages. To prove that an Emergency Budget was issued the day after the referendum.

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So, a new Long Parliament? We know how that ended.