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Try not to pretend to scientific knowledge you don't have purely from stuff you pick up by searching for negatives on the new vaccines. It is not productive.

There are properly qualified scientific researchers who have thought of all that long before it reached your laptop.

Don't have the vaccines when offered. Then don't complain if air travel or theatres or restaurants are barred to you. That is your personal freedom in play.

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I am not anti-lockdown, not antimask, not antivax in any way but I am puzzled. We have this huge lockdown yet the virus continues to spread and take lives at an unprecedented rate. How does it convey from one to another if all are obeying the rules or must we believe that hundreds of thousands of us are ignoring them?

One is even more puzzled at the death rate. If the aged like me are mostly sequestered how are we getting infected and dying? And if the young are mostly asymptomatic why are there huge numbers of them in hospital with Covid-19? They might not have a high mortality rate but they occupy beds and endanger NHS staff and their elders as well as running the risk of Long-Covid.

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That is really a very important comment coming from an antivaxxer.

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I would welcome David Cameron back into politics although I disagreed with him over the EU. At least he was what my Jewish friends would describe as a mensch. BTW they would call Trump "unmensch".

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You, Peter, cannot possibly judge what constitutes Conservatism as you do not have an atom of it within you. We long ago called your bluff about having voted Leave.

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I am more reminded of Lear when I see Trump.

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Not American - just a plain silly troll. The reasons there was no customary crowd are 1. Covid-10 2. The Far Right militias threatening insurrection.

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Odd that a group that readily ingests dangerous drugs, laughing gas and legal highs or shoots up should scare off a medical advance. It shows how easily the Twitter type memes can spread and a lie or exaggeration becomes the undoubted truth. One can also see the influence of some pastors of evangelic churches, some of whom claim to be able to heal by laying on of hands - at a price.

For a few there are dangers in certain vaccines for a few - I know that to my cost but I am still alive but have been informed clearly that I cannot have the Pfizer vaccine and must wait for the AstraZeneca.

There is also a sort of movement against vaccination as we know and on two successive days I heard different women phone in to radio hosts saying that their daughter won't have the jab because she has been told it would affect her "virility". Not fertility you note.

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I have been on ConHome since the week it opened. I may have made the greatest number of reader comments over those 15 years. I have seen hundreds of commenters come and go but only a small number were of what I would call the Far Right and a few of those were actually Leftish trolls acting as agents provocateur - making deliberately outrageous comments.

I am neither on the left or right of the party as I take specific views of individual matters,not dictated by mantra or ideology. That's all rather boring but the point is that most of the commenters here are alike to me.

Most of the Far Right comments here come from Americans. The Far Right in the UK is tiny.

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As they say in the USA - See ya in Court.