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Since males form 84% of the lightning strike deaths over the past 30 years - 84% of 62 BTW - then the females are far less likely still. Actually the lightning deaths over the past 17 years have averaged only 1 per year. You may not find that a striking fact.

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The Living Wage and National Minimum Wage are quite separate affairs. An employer is obliged to adhere to minimum wage legislation but not to the living wage recommendations.

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All initiatives by any government, no matter what, will be opposed by those who have vested interest. It was always so.
Here we have the vested interest of Labour as well as those of the left-wing teachers' unions apart from the opinions of parents who may or may not have been properly informed.

It appears that the chances of a healthy child before puberty of contracting a serious form of Covid-19 are very tiny. It is the teachers who may be at risk. The new tests may show that many of them have already been exposed - in fact that sector should have mandatory testing.

The argument that they should not be called upon to mark work is piffle. Wear gloves and a face mask whilst doing that.

There is nothing in the field of human commerce that is or was not regarded as impossible undesirable by some.

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Self-employed workers in Germany, for example, have to pay quarterly tax in the year that income is earned. There is tax-free basis which is about 20% lower than our personal allowance. In addition they are obliged to pay for medical insurance. There is no free lunch. Anywhere.

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Under Secretary of State for Scotland. a truly onerous task. Even the full job of Secretary of State for Scotland can only occupy one man for a few hours a week. However, the job obviously carries some extra salary and perks so Mr Ross has made some sacrifice. I suppose the fact that he was a devout remainer has nothing to do with his dislike of Cummings or his actions, whom he had never met.

LBC had, astonishingly, Michael Heseltine on this morning - guess what he thought? Cue Major, Blair, Hammond, Wollaston, Davy, Moran, Sandbach et al. Of cousre Steve Baker is also upset with Cummings so it is not only every Remainer in politics. Oddly when such as Kinnock and Jenrick also clearly broke the rules it was a one hour wonder.

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Cause and effect.

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David Davis was astonishingly supine when entrusted with negotiating Brexit terms. He can't be allowed another whack at that.

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Illegal immigrants if they manage to filter into society have no legal way of earning money or renting accommodation. It follows that they either work for cash under poor conditions or else live off the proceeds of crime. A survey two years ago showed that of London's rough sleepers 42% were not born in the UK.

Relating to Covid-19 spread it is fairly obvious that people who live under the counter are likely to be infected and to pass infection on.

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I am perfectly cool with people being homosexual or lesbian. I have a relative dear to me who fits into one of those categories. Can we leave it at that and not try to redefine everyone into some subsidiary group or the other based on the degree of variance they have from the heterosexual norm?

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I am trying to remember what it was like when we got news broadcasts. Nothing whatsoever is taking place anywhere in the World except Covid-19 and Dominic Cummings. This is really Little Britain.

Boris isn't sacking Cummings. Cummings is not resigning. Move on.