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For once I agree with you. Tell it like it is and be damned. If the electorate is not willing to accept the message then the opposition can have a turn in government. Today we may have the best-informed electorate ever and it is not one that is seduced by endless offers of freebies as we have seen so recently.

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I don't want any of what you are on. You have what was once known as a fevered imagination.

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I am old enough to recall the London pea-soup fogs. Working in the City we fellows changed our collars and cuffs at lunchtime as they were covered with grime. That was atmospheric pollution.

I left London and England to work in Africa and realised that I was now breathing fresh air provided that I was not too close to native townships burning wood and cow dung - a pall of smoke miles wide and miles high on occasion.

It does not need an industrial complex to produce air pollution. Just people.

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I joined the Young Conservatives - a long time ago - because they had the best-looking girls. It was fun back then we had some lovely outings to hear evensong at Kings College Chapel or to the Olde Bell at Marlow and another riverside pub at Hurley or to a restaurant on the Brighton road for a souffle omelette breakfast. And the occasional evening of Flowers Keg bitter beer and Baby Chams at the local.

We also did a bit of politics - leafletting and so on.

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On average it must be true that graduates will earn more than those without formal degrees but I suspect the reality is that we almost all know a young person with a degree who is doing some job unrelated to that field of study. We also all know young graduates doing some pretty low-grade jobs or not able to find full-time employment at all.

Am I wrong here? I personally know people in all those categories.

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Coarsely I might quote the old proverb "Birds of a feather flock together". No point in being the only gay in the village as Little Britain portrayed.

I have no prejudice against those with alternate life-styles provided what they do is legal and I can understand that if you are bi or gay and live in a small town in, say, Cumbria, you may well gravitate to a larger city even if not London.

That might bring us to an electoral point - Labour has the big cities but lost so many small towns where concerns are different from those of metropolitans.

However, with a fair proportion of Conservative MPs identifying as gay, lesbian or bisexual I am sure that those interests will never be ignored. Not sure we have got to the point of Layla Moran who identifies as pansexual whatever the hell that might mean. But then she/zhe is a LibDem.

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I have only observed hyena packs in person on about a half-dozen times. My late father-in-law was at one time thought to be the authoritative expert on them and always said they were simply opportunists and would not only eat carrion or attack sick animals but would try for any prey including such as lion cubs left unattended.

However they are the supreme pack predators, far more efficient than wolves or wild dogs.

What we have is a concerted attack on Priti Patel by her own civil servants, Sir Humphrey, egged on by the commentariat. Meanwhile there is Bercow, the subject of multiple complaints - some seen in public - smug on the speaking circuit.

If the PM abandons her, except for very good cause, then I would abandon him. Time for Boris to lay down exactly who advises and who decides. I think he started that with Sajid Javid and his rather strange Spads.

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suttonwho - Nevertheless it would be a minority interest topic if taken up as a campaign issue. There are thousands of medical conditions that affect a small number of people - my late wife had a very rare one shared by fewer than 10,000 nationwide.. If the Labour Party wishes to be regarded as politically relevant it must concentrate on what affects the bulk of our residents, schools, housing, health, public transport, personal safety, illegal immigration.

I did refer to Stella Creasey who pursued a matter from an opposition seat. Nothing to stop an individual MP taking up any cause.

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What does? Let us have you thoughts then. Point out how and why what I said shows bigotism or intolerance.

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One would expect you to join the hyena pack.