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It seems this week is going to be nerve-wracking. Nevertheless, Brexiteers might within a month or two have their wish of a hard Brexit and a purge of the wet, Lib-Dem Lite, tax and spend MPs who have held the party and the country up for decades. I compare it to the "Wets" versus "Dries" in Baroness Thatcher's time.

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No Nicky, the abortion known as the WA should never be passed, it is a betrayal of our constitution. You still don't get it, so you have a choice. Either present a better deal or get thrown at the next General Election.

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This article looks more at home in the New Statesman rather than Conservative Home.

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Gary Johnson the Libertarian candidate for me. Reduce the deficit, lower taxes, less government and a less aggressive foreign policy.

Then I woke up.......

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What a sound panel and what sound comments.

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While in the meantime council pension funds have £2 billion invested in tobacco shares. Absolute hypocrites.

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I am surprised that Conservative Home publishes such unmitigated, socialist rubbish. This policy just smells of state intrusion, red tape, bloated bureaucracies and unintended consequences.

In two words bl**dy awful.

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HPV is genital warts.

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No, I am just making the point that there are many people who agree with the stance of tobacco companies, without being paid by them.

I am not being smeared by you lot, a bunch lefties who cannot engage in an evidence based debate without resorting to the paid-for-by-tobacco smear or cheap abuse.

Yes I will note any libel.