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A very insightfull article by Mark Menzies MP. The piece certainly merit a deep consideration.

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Congratulations, Wendy!

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Congratulations, JP! Richly deserved.

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Good luck to Karen Buckley! She's a brilliant candidate and a hardworking campaigner.

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A good analysis and a very well written article! Thank you, Tom!

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Brilliant article, Tom. More nuanced approach to the problem as far as its unintended consequences are concerned.

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Congratulations, Charlie! Fantastic news.

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Congratulations, Maria. Very well deserved.

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"Fancy foreign phrases" is a basic latin. According to Michael Gove, it should be a part of a programme in every school. To be selected for a safe seat you should have a record of fighting a "hopeless" parliamentary seat before. Most candidates for South East Cambridgeshire have this essential record, while Heidi Allen hasn't. You are lucky to have such a brilliant range of candidates on the long list for South East Cambridgeshire -in fact, any of them would make a great MP for the area...apart from Heidi Allen. She is not quite kosher. I didn't intend to discredit her. She discredited herself by publishing her website. It's juvenile, vulgar. .and tailored for the lowest common denominator.

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Arguing Ad hominem is a sigh of you losing your argument .I happened to know most of the candidates for South-East Cambridgeshire. Some of them are good friends of mine. As a national conservative, seasoned campaigner and a party donor , I have a say who I want to see a Conservative candidate in a safe seat.