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You say Stewart Jackson's role for DD "will not be an easy job, requiring a mixture of charm and hard-nosed determination". Charm, Stewart Jackson, oxymoron surely.

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Unremarkable given the small number of MPs in 2005 (196) increased to 330 in 2015, thanks to David Cameron.

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Hope it goes well. How is it funded? Subscription or supported by Lord Ashcroft or similar?

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Zahawi; bit of an empty suit. Sort of guy that goes far [which he has] in the world of polling, consultancy .. back bench politician.

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Great journalist, had a hand in exposing J Archer and demonstrated that IDS had beefed up (told a few porkies) his cv with dodgy mention of the University of Perugia and the 'Dunchurch Management School'.

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Piss poor choice north of me in Westmorland, as you would expect of a rich but poor performing Association.

Either James Airey - twice failed parliamentary candidate, right winger, former agent for Westmorland who oversaw 2010 debacle when Farron's majority went from a few hundred to over 12,000 or Tom Lowther - guess he's one the many Earl of Lonsdale sons or grandsons, former UKIPPER.

Isn't there supposed to be a woman on the shortlist.


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Would that Nigel Evans, Bernard Jenkin, Nadine Dorries, John Redwood, Dominic Raab .... were going.

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Worked with him at DTI when he was SoS. Just not up to the job; similar performance at DWP.

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Alex Williams, hubby of former Trafford Leader Baroness Susan and Leave supporter.

Esther McVey, Leave supporter, Ex Minister for Employment with shakey grasp of brief, worked in TV some-time girl friend of Ed Vaizey.

Katherine Fletcher, no idea, but has worked hard, very lively outgoing personality, new face of Tory Party May is keen to promote.

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Sad that someone once thought to be a serious journalist sells her soul to ex peer Lord Ashcroft.