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In fairness to CCHQ, they are good at raising funds. The problem is it is all squandered on poorly run GE campaign.

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CCHQ is a den remoaners.

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Err who? I used to be a fan of Redwood, but he has become a bit of a loner/whinger. How about young \Kenneth Clarke?

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I plan to buy shares in Thomas de La Rue, because their currency printing business will thrive, because McDonnell will not be able to borrow any money. As a result, every few years additional zeros (a la Zimbabwe) need to be added. the return on my meagre investment will be 10,000% by year 5 and oops, I will be taxed 98%.

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Actually, the high skill is in compliance - we can do without these job worths.

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I agree with everything you have said above.

The UK should not offer a penny more to the bullying eurocrats. We should stand firm and tell them that we are happy to deal with them along WTO lines and just walk out. Barnier, Tusk, Juncker, Macron (and Merkel) all know that the time is up for the un-elected oligarchs of the EU.

The more we put on the table, the more these junkies will ask for.

Merkel has totally humiliated the Greek nation and the EU is sitting on its hands re Catalonia.

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Geoffrey Howe was an intellectual heavyweight, but he was so uninspiring (remember the quote 'being savaged by a dead sheep?) Frankly speaking after Nigel Lawson, the only one who did a very good job was Kenneth Clarke - he has Chutzpah.

Amongst the current rank of Junior Ministers, I think Steve Baker has a bit of charisma not to mention Jesse Norman.

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Agreed. It was like Steve Harmison at the Gabba on that fateful day in November 2006! caught by second slip.

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It is Cameron's first cabinet - by a mile. We had one of the politically astute Chancellors for a generation in George Osborne (heresy!) and William Hague in the FCO. The only weak-link was the former Business Secretary.

having said that credit to Mrs May, because she has to pick from a bunch of second raters - for which I blame the A-list.

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Ideally, if May has any sense, May should appoint JRM as International Development Minister.