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He is a self obsessed, attention seeking, lunatic.

I have met him, and my business partner has met him on multiple occasions in social settings.

He has displayed behaviour that I could only describe as a serious mental instability.

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The reason that the excesses of the left, communism, failed to take on is because too many people saw it for what it was, a joke. At least half of the people in this country can only take so much of some old socialist droning on about the promised land before they start laughing at him.

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There is one British value that transcends all others, and has been the chief defense against political extremism among the people of this Island for all of the turbulent periods of history.

Even in the most radical periods of change enough of the population has retained it to ward of the worst excesses of history.

A distrust of anyone who takes themselves too seriously, and over riding desire to take the p*ss.

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I think the plan to let the couple decide who takes the leave it fine. It already works that way with adoption and the sky hasn't fallen.

The plan to let this be in up to three different blocks, and be changed up to three different times, is just a massive kick in the teeth to small businesses.

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As a group our MPs are the least disciplined and focused in government. Telling them that they are is unlikely to make them so.

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The funniest thing is that this is coming from a gay hating MP and one of the leaders of the anti-gay movement in the UK.

I would much rather Burrowes be free to speak out against gay people, so I can avoid voting for him at all costs, than him be silenced and be able to slip in under the radar.

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As long as the graduated license is only restricted to young drivers and not new drivers.

We shouldn't restrict the potential of older people who put off learning to drive but need to now get driving as quickly as possible for work or personal reasons.

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Code isn't either right or wrong.

Building a program is like building a car. You can either make a piece of scrap that breaks down and is incredibly inefficient or the fastest, most comfortable and fuel efficient car ever.

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Yes but change always costs money.

Which is fine, lets just spend it on stuff we need when we need it. Not on stuff that makes no difference now.