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Have York house an English Parliament and leave the federal UK component in London.

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A flailing junior exec in training level of competence. Bad call after bad call and clearly out of his depth.

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You can't please everyone. He's doing his best to drive between the guard rails and keep the tank topped up for the autumn. This virus moves very quickly and what seems like panic to some may be a swift response to changing data. His mistake was making his winter prediction a couple of weeks ago -- too Trumpian. The virus has its set point. Ease up too much and it takes off. That will be true until it either burns out or an effective vaccine reduces spread. All epidemics eventually end.

There's one move there is no excuse for: opening pubs and bars when school reopenings were at risk. Incredibly stupid,

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No Paul, let it go. For once the British are going to show a generous spirit . We let the Jews down during the run-up to WWII. This time let's do it right. These people are industrious and will be an asset to the UK. Let's make them welcome and treat them right.

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British policing has become a cowardly exercise in micromanaging the lives of easy (basically law-abiding) targets rather than protecting the public from often violent and rampant criminality. Knife crime deliberately intended to render the victim in need of a permanent colostomy bag runs rampant yet the police seem unable to make a dent, or even to call it like it is. The supposed thought criminals of Churchill's era would not even recognize today's London.

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I am not an unreserved fan of Donald Trump, but I do relish his periodic shots at this nasty little man.

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And the 25%?

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It shows.

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Time to move on . The EU is a foreign prince as of 31 Jan.

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How safe is JRM's position? There have been at least two avoidable incidents on the job: lounging on the bench (idiot - how does that look from Teeside or north of the border?) and the LBC interview.