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It is wise to be prepared, Whilst so far the government has managed to please enough folk to keep a lid on things, over time more people have better reason to rebel. I worry most that government policy has impacted the aspirational working class the hardest. Self starters might just conclude that they have little to loose from taking on the state. The treasury attitude that it is too difficult to help everyone means that for very many people there is no safety net.

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If the Chinese carry through with ignoring passports issued by the UK, in good faith, we should retaliate by doing exactly what you suggest.

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You are Right but it isn't as if I want to buy Chinese components. We really should have our own Fab's. Of course the chances are that if we turn our backs on the Chinese we will become a customer of a resurgent US.

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There are no Kippers anymore, Just swivel eyed loons, closet racists and bigots :-)

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" Starmer and Johnson look like inhabitants of different planets"

The really worrying bit, is that neither of them seem to inhabit planet Earth.

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We don't need the US to justify a very serious downgrading of our relationship with China. The CCP has reneged on its deal with the UK regarding Hong Kong. Frankly we should end trade with them sooner rather than later. Let's build our own stuff.

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I would have thought that the biggest driver of this in the UK at least is China's power grab in Hong Kong. recently i have been pretty speechless on most subjects, but really this is a pivotal matter. If we show ourselves to be weak in this then it can only be a matter of time before an emboldened China makes a move on Taiwan, which will tip us at the very least into cold war with China. Trump is a matter for the Americans, we should stay well out of it, frankly I don't care if he fails to get a 2nd term. We need a line drawing under recent history, Trump going might be just the medicine needed. had he dodged the pandemic bullet he certainly would have won his second term, but the economy is F"ck" ed stupid, and so he has nothing with which to impress to offset his downslide which has been painful to watch from this side of the pond.

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We need opportunity industries right now. this would be a good time to take control of the cannabis industry. The Government can create a cash cow, that will at the least help a little bit with the bills. It really is high time we adopted practical solutions.

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If we can Cherry pick the cream of the crop, why not! We certainly don't owe them anything the Communists that is. treaty breakers now, what next clamping down on skills and wealth fleeing Hong Kong.

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So as they have breached the treaty, what do we do? We cannot invade, we lack the clout. I suppose sanctions is about all we really can do. We should of course join with the US and Japan in sticking up for the rights of Taiwan. I fear that a cold war between the West and China is now very likely, with a real danger of armed conflict.