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"PR would effectively lock the Conservative Party out of Government permanently" I don't think that is inevitable.

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I am afraid she will shortly become the Yoko of the Boris implosion.

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No it is biography which treats its subject as a saint.

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Indeed he has wasted a ridiculously large fortune, and forced hundreds of thousands into extreme fiscal distress. Going for broke is not a sustainable situation, we will shorty understand how bad the management of this crisis is,

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Well done Mark. I lived through the 1969 pandemic and had the Hong Kong flu. We didn't let it destroy our economy or curtail our freedom. We have spent a fortune on schemes like the furlough scheme. We could have used a small proportion of that money to extend the number of Nightingale Hospitals, but we allowed ourselves to be bounced into the wrong decisions. Now we will spend the money and people will still die.

Yesterday I found out that a young self employed women I knew has commited suicide as a direct result of the lockdowns. It is exactly the go getters and self starters who are baring the brunt of the hardship at the moment. It is these people who traditionally vote Conservative we have let down the most IMHO.

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He is starting to look like a contender, that old Beast Labour might yet revive.

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No even if we completely make a Horlicks of Brexit, there will be no ridding the country of this Government.

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I would say that the Americans have been served badly in that respect. Our choices have been only equally between mediocrities and has not yet to be fully played out. Trump Bad? Binden Badder? while we have useless Boris.

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People on so called legacy benefits did not receive this top up. Only those on
UB get it!

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As the state insists that all children go to school, they have effectively denied the opportunity for gainful employment to this group. So perhaps it is not unreasonable to suggest that the state is responsible for the shortfall families face as a result? :-)