Bad Karma

Bad Karma


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Jabbing Colombian style

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All kinds of vegan ice cream recipes out there. In fact cold coconut milk and some frozen fruit pulp/puree will give you some quick and tasty results without freezing or churning. Mango/coconut milk and some agave syrup sounds pretty good.

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If you've got a good blender or food processor, you can puree just about anything. Also get yourself a restaurant-quality fine strainer so in the end all you're getting is the good stuff and none of the seeds, pulp or peel. Freeze what you don't use. Then you can mix up what's available...peanut butter banana puree, white beans and tahini, roasted carrots, non-dairy cream of can get creative. Also try looking up recipes for baby food. They'll offer the same smooth texture.

[youtube RL0j8hj0nto youtube]

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I have an appointment for my second vaccination on Friday. They just gave me the appointment today which is a good thing because it means they'll probably have it. Probably. Hopefully. Maybe.

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I think the folks on the far right are realizing that the only people who are still going to die from Covid are the right wing Republicans who refused to get vaccinated. And if a lot of dead Republicans can't vote, that's a problem. It's kinda funny that it took them this long to figure it out.

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Not to say what your mom is doing is right, but if I had to lose my independence and get a live-in who would rat on my bad behaviour, I'd be angry and hurt and would react with some serious resistance.

Maybe this behavior is a decision, conscious or not, as to how she's going to live her life for whatever time remains. A way of holding on to some independence. Could be out of fear and anger, or even acceptance. I don't know your mom at all, but from everything you've described about her, I have a feeling she's not big on being told what to do.

Sorry you have to go through this. The other Mr is 84 in August and many days it's a challenge. There are times I get too hard and I have to keep reminding myself to soften around him.

Soften around your mom. That's all I've got.

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The neighbor downstairs from us has three tenors in his apartment, three actual tenors and they're singing in Spanish and it's really beautiful. I've been serenaded for over an hour. He must have a few other people there because there's been applause. And it's a gorgeous evening, too, 68 degrees, a light wind, all the windows open. So far no gunshots.

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Glad to hear he's feeling better. Scary to hear about vaccinated people getting sick. Hope they both recover quickly.

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I know nothing about mythology and don't have much interest in it. But I picked this up and it was one of the best reads I've had in a long time.
The prose is just beautiful.

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It is SOOOOO slow. Towards the end the pace picks up but I didn't think it was worth it. And aside from a few references, I couldn't understand why it was taking place in Mexico, and why it was taking place in the 50's. Also couldn't understand why the author was so invested in the heroine's coordinated outfits so much.