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Bad Karma


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Too Republican. And why is there a stripper pole in the hallway?

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I think you and I have a different take on poverty and the poor. Today alone I was stopped on my two block walk to the supermarket by roughly a dozen very hungry people. A lot of them know me because I interact with them on a regular basis. What they want is food. Money for food. Then maybe money for rent, but always food first. Their interest is in survival, not open recreation spaces. And if they did go to those spaces, it would be to ask for money for food; not to enjoy a day in the park. And they'd put themselves at further risk because they'd have to deal with the idiots who refuse to wear a mask.

I don't think opening beaches and outdoor recreation areas are really going to help the poor during this. If you really want to help the poor, then protect them from the virus. They're among the most vulnerable and will suffer the most if it hits their families. And right now feed them. Give some food to a food pantry or drop off some groceries at the church or mosque. Maybe you're already doing it. I hope so. But don't tell me the poor need outdoor recreation spaces they probably can't even afford to get to.

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Ha, the expat Facebook groups here are so full of Americans (and only Americans) saying the same shit that I couldn't take it any more today and came here. To the same shit. This complaint is like it came from a Republican talking points bulletin. Everyone does it exactly the same way. They start off with how pissed off they are at the government for telling them what to do (meanwhile they're all stopping for red lights, wearing footwear in public places and also wearing pants). Then they use the poor as a shield. "Oh it's not me that I'm complaining for, it's the poor people who are suffering so much." Sure Jan. You been bitching about this ever since it started.

I gotta say, when it comes to trolling, you're one of the best.

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For JK Rowlings fans, a never-published fairy tale is being put online for free. Starting today she's publishing a few chapters at a time and asking kids to illustrate for a paper edition to be published later. It's called The Ickabog..

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We were talking about my hometown (Rome NY) this morning and it led me down a rabbit hole and stumbled on this interesting character who lived there for a while.

Mary Edwards Walker was employed as a doctor for the Union army during the civil war. She grew up in in the 1850s and her parents encouraged her to fight gender norms of the time. She hated women's clothing and dressed like a man and was arrested for it several times. She was big into clothing reform for women. She was a suffragette, abolitionist, feminist and also prohibitionist. She's the first woman (the only woman?) to get the Presidential Medal of Honor, which was rescinded a couple of years before she died, but she flashed it around anyways.It was later restored.She was captured by the confederate army and arrested for spying.

Mary sounds like an 1850s badass.

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I know and I'd actually never try it, but i thought that letting some hot glue harden on the base of the lightbulb might provide some leverage.

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I know. I can't help myself. I still really want to throw a bunch of caramels in the pan with the popcorn kernels and get caramel corn but I know I'll burn the pan and most likely the apartment.

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Since the lockdown I've watched every single 5 minute craft thing on Facebook To get a broken key out of a lock someone lit the end of a glue stick (the kind from a glue gun) with a lighter, stuck it to the key, let it harden and pulled it out. If you got a big enough wad of glue up there you might be able to twist it out. Or glue something to the base you could use to twist.

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The whole Bill Gates wants to microchip you thing is mind boggling to me. As is the 5G towers spread the virus on purpose thing.

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I do my best to torment them. They don't like being called impotent whiners.