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Bad Karma


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Sending good thoughts to all the Maxis.

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If it don't hang then you can't bang.
We're hep to the new beats. Way hep.

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I got a delivery of warm chocolate croissants and dulce de leche filled pastries (also warm) and on a side note, I can't understand why the dryer is shrinking my jeans so much during this pandemic.

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It's a national holiday here and we're in lockdown for the weekend and there's nothing to do so I've been wandering around Twitter and seeing all kinds of crazy stuff about Cardi B's new single WAP and I decided to check it out even though I have special dispensation as an old person from listening to contemporary music.

So first go-round I keep hearing her talk about being wet and gushy and drive that big mack truck right into this little garage and something inside me says wait wut what's this about and how does it relate to WAP and what does WAP mean anyway. And then I googled the lyrics. Well no wonder they changed the lyrics for the video. Wet and gushy is so much more respectable.

The best part was calling the 80+ year-old other Mr into the room and saying "this is what the kids are listening to these days" and watching him sit in stunned silence after answering his question about what WAP means.

Totally not suitable for work.

[youtube hsm4poTWjMs youtube]

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I cut my own hair. Clippers and scissors. Barbershops are open and I can get a barber to do a house call for $10, but they still seem too risky.

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The Supreme Court ordered the arrest! Lots of chatter about how bad he was...apparently he was responsible for several massacres, but I don't know a lot about any of it.

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Between all the exemptions, shutting everything so early for so long, and quarantine fatigue, they kind of screwed themselves.

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Depends on where you live. Medellin has so many exemptions to the quarantine that it's ineffective. I'm not sure about Bogota but they have the most cases by far and I'm hearing they'll go back into strict lockdown soon.

Things are very relaxed here now, except for complete lockdowns on the weekends. For a while they were really strict, fining locals $300 for breaking quarantine, deporting partying gringos, stopping people to ask for papers/ID. But not any more. Even the police have quarantine fatigue.

I think a big part of the equation here is the poverty. People in the poorest barrios are literally on top of each other. It will race through those neighborhoods like wildfire. And those people can't afford not to work.

But yeah, one day a week for groceries and banking based on your Colombian social security number. No booze sales on weekends. Limited outdoor time.

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It's day 144 of quarantine here, one of the longest in the world (I think the Philippines is a little bit longer), and we're starting to crack. The other Mr had a couple of dental appointments, but other than that we haven't been in a taxi or car in months, haven't been anywhere other than the local grocery store where we get one day a week to shop, and the short time we have for exercising each day doesn't even allow us to leave the neighborhood. We're hitting our peak now and we're being told to stay in as much as possible. We've run out of Netflix, we're tearing through the Criterion Channel and even the 8000 channel IPTV service has run out of options.

They made big plans to reopen schools rotating between online and in person schedules, but the person in charge apparently forgot that major portions of the country don't have internet, oops. The teachers said they wouldn't show up anyway. So that's been scrapped.

The mayor, who has Covid, said yesterday that he's reopening the airports even though there are no flights. Even though we're over 80% ICU capacity, he thinks its a good idea because his policy of strict lockdowns every weekend have slowed the numbers.

The numbers are climbing and they're opening things up. I totally understand quarantine fatigue, but I don't think this is the time to give in to it.

The whole world is crazy right now and after doing a fairly sane job with the virus, Colombia has decided that crazy is the way to go.