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Anyone remember the young venezuelan doctor who befriended us and then went to work on cruise ships? The last time we saw him was just before COVID, so what's that, like 15 years ago? We're seeing him tonight. I'm excited!

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I'm not sure if he'd be up to it. He's not terribly mobile these days. And pretty frail. I'm not even sure about the move to Mexico. A half hour outing exhausts him.

Realistically this will be our last move. It's either pack up and go or hunker down and stay.

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I'm a practical thinker like you, and I foresee what you do. I was all set to settle down here for good until the past six months clearly showed me how unhappy we are.

Healthcare in Mexico is a lot cheaper than the US and out of pocket probably a bit more than here. So that makes it a bit more palatable. Like Tac suggests, I need to do some research.

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I'm not even sure it's a viable option. It's a 10 hour drive to the border. And that drive would require hiring someone to take us. But at least we'd be covered by Medicare once we got there. But then what?

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What you're saying makes a lot of sense. And the prospect of financial disaster is one of the things that frightens me the most. I know I'll feel a lot better if I walk into this knowing the potential costs of an emergency and long-term care. I've got some research to do.

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I've missed Mexico since we left 10 years ago. Not sure what a doc visit costs now, but then it was $25 for a GP, $50 for a specialist. If a really bad emergency came up it could be a disaster. You have to pay BEFORE you get admitted to a hospital. And I've got to keep in mind I'll need a new pacemaker in 5 or 6 years. I'll have to do some research on costs.

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The older I get, the less I like to gamble. And that's what this is, a big risk. That's what's scaring me the most. But you're definitely right about us both being miserable. And I don't ever see it getting better than "acceptable" here. We never intended to stay, we just kind of got hooked in by the cheapness of the whole place.

I totally appreciate the out loud pondering. That's why I asked for input.

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The driving force is that the other Mr turned 85 and is absolutely miserable about it. I've never seen him so sad. He'll be miserable there, too I know, but I tend to think less miserable. He keeps saying he'll have a support system, which would be our friends.

We lived there for four years on less money, so we can afford it. It'll just be an adjustment from living here. A lot to consider.

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We'd be moving back to San Miguel de Allende, which we both loved. Friends we made while there have just moved back and they're reporting that it's changed a little bit, but it's a Unesco site so it can't change too much. And our friends would be a good indicator if it's still a viable place to live. So far they're happy.

Both places are dangerous. Medellin probably more so. I only mention a fraction of what goes on here. We don't go out at night because it's so risky.

Cost of living according to numbeo is kind of shocking: Medellin is 50% cheaper. San Miguel comes with a price because it's such a popular place for expats. It's more about the culture and color that's lacking here. And the food. It's the absolute worst here. I can't stand Colombian food any more. It's awful.

We also talk about moving to a different Medellin neighborhood, one that's more Colombian. That would give us a new perspective. But this is pretty much nothing more than a modern city without a lot of charm regardless of the barrio. It's got everything we need, except neither one of us likes it here any more. Staying here is primarily about the healthcare. But I see a lot of dull days ahead if we stay. The other Mr will simply not be social here. He's given up almost entirely. I think it will be different in San Miguel. If not for him, then for me. It's just a more social place.

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This is what I'm thinking, but the other Mr is SO unhappy here. I would be doing this for him. It's hard to watch him be so unhappy at this stage of his life.