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That both looks and sounds amazing.

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I’ve been sequestering food in my car since this started (storage space, and keeping the kids out of the juice and Oreos too soon). Soooo, is the car? Because mine is.

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I’m paranoid, so I bought yeast in February. However! Everyone should make beer bread because it doesn’t need yeast, and is delicious. Just made some tonight.

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I went out for the first time in 2 weeks and Aldi was actually a pretty great choice. Wegmans was still overrun with people (full parking lot and I didn't bother), but Aldi was almost normally stocked (Soap! Paper towels! Milk!) and had about 25 shoppers total.

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It's so bizarre to see empty shelves. And all the shortages mean people are visiting several crowded locations (one person went to like 16 stores to get everything they needed!). Right now the panic has moved onto pet care and personal care items. People weren't so worried until they started seeing their Amazon orders get cancelled due to lack of stock. And now all the restaurants are closing, so people are super worried.

I have a real estate client who was actively looking at houses, and sent me an email asking about 3 listings last night. Today NY closed all casinos (his workplace). I haven't heard from him since.

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I pulled my kids from school on the weekend all the schools in our county were ordered closed due to the first test coming back positive from a community-spread case. Of course, it had to be someone who worked in the lunchroom (!!) of the school attached to my husband's (!!!) school.

We're at full-on grocery armageddon over here, though. Stores are empty of paper products, bread, meat, poultry, vegetables, soups, pastas...entire empty aisles. This is where my anxiety is my superpower: I saw this sh*t coming a while ago, and we have a fully stocked pantry. Now kids and husband are home, I've cancelled all my appointments, and we're on total lockdown, hoping none of us were exposed already.

This sh*t is BANANAS (if you can find bananas).

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I picked this as The Dance in my first wedding, and I wish I could reclaim it now. It’s very much Hey, We’re In This Together, Please Don’t Let Me Get All Up In My Bullshit And Also I Love You

[youtube OAkF25vvJ5c youtube]

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I would wear this daily, and I flove the embroidery she had done. A+.

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Just 3 more months to go in January. 🙌🏻


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Perimenopause for me has arrived in the form of intense nightmares that startle me awake with hot flashes and palpitations, which is a great way to make peace with your maker on a nightly basis.
‘Is this it? Maybe? Ok, maybe not. How about now?’ Palpitations are No Bueno.