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We recently broke our Whisky is for Weekends Rule to create a Whiskey is for Wednesday and Weekends Rule.

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Thank you!! I’m going to look into IFTTT platform and dlvrit if I can’t get answers from Zapier. I’m just teaching myself as I go, so this helps a lot. ❤️

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I’m not violating Twitter policy as far as I know, it’s not the source RSS, and Zapier says it’s flagged as spam for ‘non-paying accounts’ but I’m still in a free premium preview period (I need to know if it’s the right product for my needs first AND what tier I would need based on usage). Waiting for tech support to respond. I tried IFTTT first, but was locked in at 25 actions a day, with no apparent option to upgrade. I’m not a developer and I’m afraid I’m missing something!

Edit: I...did not delete the original post, at least intentionally.

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Techy question ahead!

Ok, so there’s a local Twitter account that auto-posts emergency calls, as well as passing along scanner content here and there. It was very useful, and a very popular account that kept people informed about traffic accidents and fires and emergencies. Problem is, over the last year or so the account holder has gone full MAGA asshole who editorializes over the crime reports and generally revels in hate speech, so I decided I’d start an alternative. Figured out how to pull from the county 9-1-1 RSS feed to post. Have a small team ready to help monitor the scanner with me. Here’s the problem; since noon I have over a thousand very grateful followers, and the Zapier utility I was using to pull the RSS is choking up and saying the volume is too high. So, my genius friends, is there a better utility to use here? The MAGA jerk is somehow able to pull this off, and I want to see his hateful empire collapse.

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It looks spectacular!

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Just got up and they called it on account of seasonal allergies (fair; we live behind a farm after all). Still, they stuck it out for much of the night. I’m proud.

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Ha! No sprinklers, but definitely good advice.

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Still outside, and in a 100-1 twist, her extremely nervous 16yo brother dragged his comforter and pillows out to join her. Who are these children?!

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See, this is such a ‘normal’ childhood thing but I was always afraid and i knew my kids wouldn’t have the gritty, fun experience everyone else seemed to have, because of it. That being said, her 16yo brother just emerged from his room like a hero and joined her outside. Maybe I don’t know them at all.

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This is a documented thing. There’s something so ponderously exhausting about the constant beating of the waves of worry against the boat. If I do some laundry, it’s a win. You’re doing ok.