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Sunny, to get myself out of a reading slump this year I read a lot of straight smut. Ain't nothing wrong with it.

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I'm afraid to know what #2 is.

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I've peed at that rest stop.

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So now I'm looking for a job here. I lost about a month and a half out of the three since I got here due to finally getting COVID (yay) and then somehow fucking up my back again, and I guess another few weeks from my dad not being great at first.

I'm not incredibly happy but that's on me. My mom is still in Georgia, she's working at a grocery store bakery and dealing with my shit uncle.

I want some fucking weed. The end.

ETA: I also meant to say belated Merry Christmas, and Chag urim sameach

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Long story short, I ran out of time to get a job in L.A. My dad bought a house in El Paso in March but he kept up the rent for months to give me a chance to stay there. I fucked that up, so here I am in Texas (fuck Abbot).

When we made the final move over here, my dad completely misjudged the amount of time it would take to pack up the rest of his stuff and left it all to the last day. We filled the truck and my car to the brim and left around midnight. He had planned to stop for the night in Tuscon but we didn't get there until around 9:30 AM.

As soon as he got out of the truck he got dizzy and couldn't walk unassisted. He thought he just needed to eat something, I thought he had overexerted himself from ~24 hours of packing, loading and driving, but I got suspicious when I realized his right eye was not aligned correctly.

We managed to check in to another motel and he slept some while I googled the eye symptom. There is surprisingly little on it aside from "it happens sometimes," but I did find exactly one page that supported my hunch that it could be a symptom of a stroke and on the strength of that took him to the closest ER, which was a stand-alone ED not attached to a hospital.

I told the doctor I suspected a stroke, they sent him in for imaging and kept him overnight. They couldn't get him in anywhere for an MRI and the doctor did not see any evidence from the scans he did have. They wanted to keep him but as the truck was due in to Penske, he decided to leave and get checked in El Paso as he was feeling better aside from the double vision. I had called my grandma and she organized a rescue party with a friend and one of my cousins who could drive the truck, so we road tripped it back.

He ended up being admitted to the hospital here for about five days where he had a neurologist confirm he did have a TIA (he had his first one on MLK Day in 2020) and was sent to a cardiologist, who finally confirmed a suspicion the neurologist had that there is a hole in his heart, which he will be having fixed on the 5th.

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Hi All.

Sorry I've been such an asshole, I have not been able to talk to anybody because of my own bullshit and shame.

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I'm here.

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Short, not very shaky

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I think I now know what a UTI feels like.