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no, but thank you. Now that I’m not the only one involved I think we’ll be okay. I just wish I had gotten to see her before she left.

I can’t thank everyone enough who helped financially before. She still has a small chunk left but had to use a lot of it for basic needs and Uber since he stopped letting her use the vehicles. Without that money we would have been in crisis months ago. When the whole thing with my POS brother’s girlfriend went down and I went up there we were talking about other stuff and I said I don’t have IRL friends she said no, you do, because strangers don’t do what you guys did for us, and she was right. I love you guys to pieces even if I have a hard time being around much.

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Animals are stressed but doing well considering.

I know I’m supposed to have compassion for people with mental illness but I hope he dies alone in the mess he made.

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So David ended up losing his shit on Wednesday. Starts At 5 in the fucking morning saying “You want your stuff outside? Good,” and starts moving shit around, including putting some chairs that she made that aren’t meant to be outside on the porch to be an asshole. This only mattered to him. She called me at 5:30 to tell me this and I told her to call the sheriffs if he continued. He did, and she did. When she leaves the bedroom to take the dogs out he goes and pulls the mattress off and replaces it with one that my brothers cats pissed on a lot. Throws her stuff around the room. She ends up talking to my uncle directly, who asks if he should go get her now. She says yes. Threw her clothes, the animals and a couple of boxes in the car about an hour later and was gone. He starts texting her that he loves her before they hit the corner.

They left yesterday, they’re getting to Oklahoma City tonight, staying in an air bnb and continuing to Georgia tomorrow.

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LAUSD is only 10% white.

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I don’t know any details yet but my mom talked to my grandma this morning at the direction of my uncle (for the first time in years) and said it looks like she’s moving to Georgia with my grandma.

Obviously not ideal, but it probably means she can take Nixie, Gryphon, and Shasta.

I am so very tired and wish I had someone to hold on to.

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I started One Punch Man again since I never finished the first time.

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my mom listens to Abraham Hicks videos on YouTube. 🙄

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Every time I get on Netflix:
“Watch something new and interesting.”
“Watch Into the Spiderverse for the fifth time.”

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I have a feeling that Archie not being raised as a royal has something to do with it.

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My dad told me this story a little while ago but I was talking to my mom the other day and it came up, and she gave me more details.

When I was a baby, my parents were driving between here and El Paso with me in the car seat. This was (I’m pretty sure) sometime still in ‘89. So I’m a baby baby, under six months. They get stopped at the border in Arizona (if you’re not aware there is a permanent BP checkpoint there on the 10), and the nice officers there want to have the drug dog go over the car. My mom didn’t know why, because they didn’t usually do that.

This was a problem because my parents had a big ol bag of weed in the car. Going across state lines.

Here is where I come in. I had just fallen asleep before the checkpoint, so my parents, thinking quickly, protest. Now, my mom is afraid of no dog. But she starts playing a terrified young mother, arguing that she is soooo scared of this dog and she can’t have it near her baby, and my dad is saying “she’s been really fussy (which was apparently true) and she just fell asleep, taking her out would wake her up, is this really necessary?” Meanwhile, my mom is putting on the performance of her life, staging a panic attack about the dog. The officers finally agree, and they let them go through without the dog going over the car.

Tl;dr: I saved my parents from a lengthy federal prison sentence by falling asleep in the car just before a border patrol checkpoint