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Mr. Thighs


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8 weeks ago @ Crasstalk - Back To It Open Thread · 0 replies · +4 points

I'll take "whose ass have i been kissing" for a thousand dollars.

9 weeks ago @ Crasstalk - Ugh, This Again? Open ... · 2 replies · +4 points

So how long until people start saying the vaccines create zombies?

9 weeks ago @ Crasstalk - Ugh, This Again? Open ... · 0 replies · +13 points

The more I hear about them the more convinced I am that NDA's should be illegal. They have become a tool for companies to cover up their bad behavior.

9 weeks ago @ Crasstalk - End o' the Week Open T... · 1 reply · +14 points

I have absoultey had it with the vaccine deniers. They are making it easier for the virus to mutate and kill thousands more people than is necessary.
If you are a vaccine denier you deserve everything that happens to you.

9 weeks ago @ Crasstalk - Middling Open Thread · 0 replies · +12 points

SO Jeopardy went with the milquetoast white guy and look what happened. DIVERSITY might be a better choice.

10 weeks ago @ Crasstalk - You Have to Go Back to... · 1 reply · +4 points

I hope he gets sick enough that he reverses course because CHILDREN ARE DYING.

11 weeks ago @ Crasstalk - Fresh Week Open Thread · 3 replies · +7 points

Disney has gone back mask mandates. Meanwhile governor 'you deserve to die' is placing his head so far up his ass I'm not sure there is a word for his stupidity.

12 weeks ago @ Crasstalk - Still Working Open Thread · 2 replies · +14 points

The covid pandemic is really the Darwin pandemic. The stupid people who believe the lies are dying and the people who believe in science are managing to survive.

12 weeks ago @ Crasstalk - Start That Week Open T... · 6 replies · +9 points

It's not funny all but it looks like Gov. ron desantis has basically killed all of the people who would have voted for him due to his corona virus denial.

13 weeks ago @ Crasstalk - The Weekend Is Here Op... · 1 reply · +5 points

Can we please stop pretending that the Olympics is about sport. The People making money off of young athletes is obscene. This is on top of the sexual abuse that has been exposed and not been dealt with just in the USA