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I was at a wedding a few weeks ago. Everyone had to test and show their results. Everyone tested clean. The 5 out of 8 people at my table came down with it, plus the bride and groom.

I just found out yesterday. I was a bit punky for a few days but it passed and I wrote it off to a hangover. God knows how many people I might have passed it to.

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And yet somehow they almost managed to overturn democracy. Its astounding.

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He cannot be under treatment. He can however have as many doctors as he needs.

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I just had to have the same talk with my uncle. He was already in palliative care. I spoke with his Dr. and then gave Uncle the hospice talk. He's way happier now. His pain is managed, he has an aide daily, a nurse weekly and has gone from being a lump in a chair to being able to walk 5 city blocks.

He has prostate cancer that has metastasized to his spine.

Good luck. It isn't an easy conversation to have.

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My uncle gave a shitload of $$ to HSS. Even got a radiology suite named after him and my other uncle. Great hospital, beyond predatory in their fundraising. They groomed him like Epstein groomed a teenager.

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Have you tried hand-feeding her? It could take about 3 days of her not eating so be prepared.

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New York Fire Department - Engine 45 - Ladder 58 - Battalion 18 (Bronx)
925 East Tremont Avenue
Bronx, NY 10460
Phone: (718) 999-2000

Be sure to let them know exactly what we think of them

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Two on the first floor, 3 on the 2nd floor, one on the 3rd, but also a special blanket he loves to nap on.

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As someone who is currently running a safety recall for a car company, how did she miss the mailings? If its a government safety program, Hyundai has to report contact status to NHTSA. If anything, she needs to find out the type of attempted contact. If it was a certified letter, then she's probably SOL. If it was a basic post card or letter she might have a chance.

How many mailings did they try? We send mailings every month, plus phone calls if we have a valid phone number.