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Wordle 377 3/6*


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I have to obtain the disc from where I had the MRI done. Of course.
I mean, in a case like mine that is clearly a work-related injury, you'd think they'd speed the process a bit.
The less time I'm out of work, the less $$ they have to pay me.
And if I do have to have the surgery, then add another 8-12+ weeks onto the 7 weeks I'll already have been out of work.
I realize that our WC company works FOR my employer, but it still seems like a stupid business model.

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This is insane.
My hand injury was 5/29.
I have followed the Workers' Comp (WC) protocols, directives etc, to the letter.
It seems that it is up to me to coordinate and make sure that everyone is on the same page.
It's exhausting. And I get that I am advocating for my own health.

This includes:
-The WC ER
-The WC nurse
-The WC division of my Company
-The WC admin
-The WC case manager
-The WC doc
-The WC orthopedic surgeon

I finally clawed my way into an appointment to have my damaged finger assessed next Wednesday (7/6) by the surgeon.
Found out today that it's up to me to bring the MRI disc (that fact was not made available to me).
Jove help the people that are not on top of (or don't have the resources to be on top of) this system.
This whole exprience is leaving such a bad taste in my mouth.

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Got lucky? Or mad skillz? Plus insomnia.
Wordle 376 2/6*


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I re-watched Rocketman the other night and I think it's become one of my very favorite films.
A lot of that has to do with the chemistry between Taron Egerton and Jamie Bell, but especially the fact that Taron did all his own singing (unlike a certain *cough cough* Oscar winner).
And that I wanted to strangle Richard Madden with piano wire means he did his job well.

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They are buying up and knocking down everything they can get their hands on in my neighborhood - specifically to build these overpriced apartments.
The apartments I posted are less than 1/2 mile from me and there is another one going up right next to my building.

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Drove past the site of my old, trusty Office Depot - which is now an almost completed 'luxury' apartment building.
Smol one bedrooms start at $2400/month.
It's on a REALLY busy street with no views.

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My doc just called with MRI results and it's a torn tendon, middle finger, right hand.
Not good.
He's immediately referring me to a hand surgeon.
And I don't think it's for a quiet chat.

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I had my very first MRI today. No results yet.
It was 15 minutes of staying very still and listening to this:
It's only a 30 second sample.
Like Skrillix on an off night. They (thankfully) give you earplugs.
15 minutes of this with some pauses between noises.