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Indeed. Jindal is like a kid who set his own hair on fire then reaches for the twitter instead of the hose.

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I almost married one, barely got out alive. He was a master manipulator, just fucking evil.

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Spot on, did you date one too?

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Kind of creepy how much they look alike.

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Maybe President Obama could read the CRomnibus word for word on the TeeVee before he signs it.

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Didn't Jesus say something about praying in a closet?

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So much natural beauty there, Congratulations! Restores my faith in love. Thanks for sharing!

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I was at T-day at a former beau's grandmother's house years ago and he had a fundamentalist aunt from Cleveland. She was like a trip wire, so we were sort of careful what we said around her. I was washing dishes and she came to help me. I thought, oh boy, what can I talk about……oh ok…the weather, that's safe right???? It was an El Nino year and 70 degrees out so I said, "Well Thelma, what do think about this El Nino weather, isn't this something?" Her eyes got huge and she literally screeched, "IT'S NOT EL NINO, IT'S THE LORD!" and continued to rant. The room went quiet except for her screech and my beau sticks his head into the room giving me a look like, what in the hell did you do? I shrugged and mouthed the words, "the weather?" Grandma, one of the coolest women I've ever met, loved her dearly, took Thelma by the hand, led her into another room and shut that whole thing down. It was bizarre. Some people are capable of common ground, some just are not.

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"...but every woman I've ever been involved with, I wish I could have given them my parents to raise them."
Amen to that! Although for me it is every man I've ever been involved with.

Pretty normal, large family here, except for one brother who is Fox, Rush, etc., but we've learned to shut him down pretty quickly over the years.

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