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My only regret is that I have but one fist to give you.

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“Our country owed all her troubles to him, and God simply made me the instrument of his punishment.”

Ooops. Looked you picked the wrong side of history Mr. Booth. By the way Johnny, how did those marshmallows taste the last time you went camping in that barn? You were there to make sure they roasted well with your broken leg while you burned alive you treasonous FUCK that should go down in American History like Judas goes down in Christianity.

Baconz doesn't believe in hate but Booth is one of the people that got what he deserved.

(Too Soon?)

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“Southern Genocide”? Wasn't that what Mark Twain would normally call "slavery"?

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Sorry Baconz got his dander up today. Sorry to pontificate in the last few posts.

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Pittsburgh isn't "a Big city" more of a collective of small towns. These rivers keep everyone isolated. Because who WANT's to cross a bridge to get to the mall.

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This is why I feel Lincoln should have treated the south as a conquered territiory and and given them as much power as Guam. If Baconz was Lincoln I would have made Davis sign away the south for 150 years and treated it as a hostile and occupied nation. All Generals and secessionist politicians tried for treason and jailed. Crow laws wouldn't be there.....No Bush.....No Strom Thurmond, Wallic. But I'm a Yankee....So losing isn't in my blood. Because we won the war means we should have the spoils.


DON'T go around Mississippi or Georgia saying how much better of a modern tactician general William Tecumseh Sherman was over Robert E. Lee. The SOUTH are too thin skinned to even call it a war about slavery.

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"panning a wide swath along the portion of the state known as Pennsyltucky, which is basically everything between Philly and Pittsburgh, a general morass of meth and dumb interspersed with the occasional Amish." (YOU FORGOT THE Quakers and Mifflin Mennonites).

HEY!!!! Being from PA I can say....uh....OK that's pretty accurate. But you don't have be so rude to point it out.

But we in PA are to PC to call it Pennsyltucky anymore. We call it the "T" now. And Erie is becoming a part of NOT "T"

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Jesus....beating a dead donkey.....It's like
reinstituting the Hockey helmet RULE! IT is already in place and makes sense. Give it the fuck up. ACORN IS DEAD! Next you will be passing laws against health care for no reason (oh wait). WE GET IT! You don't like a black president..assess the situation and movin on....NOW GET SOMTHING DONE and stop being jerks. ACORN is Dead.

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Alabama is taking all the ink from flordia.

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Thats the most I ever read about yoga pants