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Hey Fuckers - tis I from the great state of Bama - here to tell you, no shit, the war on this stupid is so close to over - and I mean for everybody, since we here below the Bible Belt, near the taint? are typically considered the lowest common denominator. As much as it pains Roy Moore, his cocktard son, and whatever that fat fuck's name is on the radio who said stuff- is it Bubba? It has to be Bubba - but anyway - no matter how hard they try, for the most part, and I mean MOST of the most part, people here really either like some gays doing whatever they want, or really could just not give a shit. We couldn't even pull together a decent prayer-slash-circle-jerk on the steps of the capitol for Christ's sake (literally, cause who would Alabama Jesus gay marry? Alabama Channing Tatum? Yes, he IS from here, you're welcome.) ANYwoo - much love and kiss my ass, we going rainbow weddin' in Dixie - and I could not be happier. Even though I personally would never get straight OR gay married again, unless that was the only way I could get laid. Peace.

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WOOOOO WEEE could this day get any more beautiful? Nice ass gay guy! Almost as nice as thinking about how pouty Cantor's Snidley-Whiplash-where'd-my-power-go-fuck-my-life-shriveled up rat face must look righttttt now...and now. and now. I JUST CAN'T STOP SMILING.

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I fixed it, I fixed it - and before I saw this post, or I'd have let you have your moment. But it took a while for anyone to get to it - that just goes to prove what I KNEW - no one read these things all the way through - except another writer of such. Smarty pants.

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Oh EQ, I AM easily impressed - but, tell me - how is this man not delightful? I'm so tired of racist moron fuckhead assholes and health insurance yammering I can't see straight, and here is this man, this beautiful beacon of neck-fat and crack smoke, leading us away from the actual awful of what's been going on around here, with tacky asides about eating pussy at the tail end of his press conferences. Fuck yeah, I like it.

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Holy fucking hell, am I the only one here in these comments who fucking LOVES this guy? Where is my wonkette?? HE FUCKING RULES, and everything he says makes me happy. I too want me one of them jerseys.

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Yes, that is EXACTLY IT, and also "buttsex with Ken Cuccinelli in Jerry Falwell's movie theater." And also Jude Law is HOTTTT.

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I am riiight there with you girl - but I am still keeping my WW costume, juuuust in case...

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Right? Please. Sarah Palin knows enough not to know that Hitler had anything to do with World War II, come now.

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Worse, baby, I'm in Alabama.

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Those 2 Americans at the ISS are in fact the ONLY thing NASA will do at all from Houston. At. All. And where I live down here, NASA is A HUGE EMPLOYER, like one of the biggest around. It is probably gonna be kinda suckass for some folks here for a bit I'm a'feared.