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Bristol Palinesque, no? Except Bristol is less boring and has more personality.

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And don't forget, death-paneling our vets!

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Yeah, they definitely need to tweek their dosages and timing, or maybe try some alternative meds, they are not very well regulated at all.

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I deny it!

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What would Reagan do? He would arrange a summit in Iceland and give Putin all of Crimea and toss in Poland, too, because he forgot which side we are on.

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Do we still not be still not reining in understanding the final four budgeting not still now?

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Perhaps another analogy would be the environmental group that has to be bought off by hiring it to do a million dollar environmental impact study in exchange for not opposing the big project. Their are also some clergymen who have perfected similar methods. And big name divorce lawyers are often consulted just so they are conflicted out of having the spouse hiring them, all examples of people being paid to not do something. The best example I guess would be the traditional "nice restaurant you got here, it would be a shame if something happened to it," or the Christie version, "nice medical device company/medical school you got here, it would be a shame if it was to get indicted."

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No, but as a young adult I saw them wreck our economy and destroy the middle class, and repeal Glass-Steagle.

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Christ Christ-ey, isn't that just the perfect name for a candidate who wants to appeal to the jews?

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Teach a man to blow a dog and he will be able to feed himself forever.