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Because of the way death penalty appeals work in Pennsylvania, the state effectively can't execute someone unless they consent; but it costs lots of money to keep them on death row.

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Hey, you know what guys in college should do if they don't want to be accused of rape? Don't commit rape! That's it, it works like a charm!

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Pizza Hut is just run by a giant multinational corporation, which actually manages to be less evil than Domino's and Papa Johns.

Reportedly the owners of Little Caesar's aren't bad, although I haven't seen one of them or their ads around since the mid-90s, but they apparently do still exist.

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Uh, idiot, the descendants of the aurochs are still around today; we call them cows. The aurochs were just the cattle that had not been domesticated by humans, and they only went extinct about 500 years ago, so no, they are not "unicorns", which never existed.

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Nah; Robbie Robertson totally knew, but JJ was completely out of the loop, he was completely shocked when Spider-Man publicly unmasked during Civil War, back before Mephisto erased his identity from everyone's memories as part of the deal where Spider-Man sold his marriage to Mephisto to save Aunt May's life; all because Joe Quesada doesn't think readers can relate to a happily married Spider-Man, even though he had been so for about 25 years.

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I like the dress shirt, jacket and tie with jeans combo on the boyfriend photographer. Guess he thought "business casual" meant business from the waist up, casual from the waste down? Stylin'!

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Note to others in California, along with New Yorkers - $925,000 is actually a very expensive house in the rest of the country, a place that goes for that much is close to a mansion or an ultra-luxury condo.

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Spider-Man - still have no idea how that Peter Parker manages to get so many pictures of the wall-crawler in action.

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Considering that this is Utah, there's probably people calling for science classes to teach that dark skin is the result of being cursed by god, and that by participating in the Mormon church for several generations black and brown people can overcome the curse and become "whitesome and delightsome".

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Hey, it's possible that W. Bush is both a lying liar and a colossal idiot; in fact it's very likely.