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Reaper new job!!! Male Viera!!! Female Hrothgar in the works!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Ooooo, excellent! I look forward to hearing your thoughts!!

I'm still debating on grabbing the Legendary release. I already have all the games and I have the larger content DLCs, so I'd basically be purchasing this for the updated models and textures and some of the smaller DLC packs and right now, I'm not sure that's worth $60. ME2: V'ir nyfb ernq gung gurl erqvq fbzr bs gur pnzren jbex va gur tnzrf, fcrpvsvpnyyl n ybg bs Zvenaqn'f qvnybthr fprarf fb gung gur pnzren vf ab ybatre xrrcvat ure nff va senzr. Fb, gung'q or avpr gb unir, orpnhfr gung qbrf naabl gur penc bhg bs zr jurarire V ercynl ZR2. I do love the series and do think I'll grab the Legendary release at some point, it's just a matter of getting it when it releases or waiting for a sale.

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I've got no idea XD

It was one of the options when I typed in "final fantasy gifs" to Giphy

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Rejection sucks, but you are not stupid or foolish for trying. In truth, that's the only way of having any chance at anything. If you don't try, your chances will always be at 0.

Honestly, I have trouble putting myself out there; it's why I'm almost in the exact same place in terms of starting a VO/VA career as I was a year and a half ago. It's something I'm still struggling with in therapy. So when I say that I'm proud of you, I mean it not as an empty platitude but because I understand just how hard it can be to send that email or hit submit on that application. I'm proud of you because it's no small thing to put yourself out there, to say "no, fuck you, Imma do this" to that mean voice in your head. That you sent it at all is a victory in and of itself, even if it doesn't feel like it.

We can be so much harsher to ourselves than we are to our friends. I can't name how many times I'll be putting myself down, my therapist will look at me and say, "now what would you say to a friend who was saying all of this?" Immediately, I could see all the things I was ignoring -- the extenuating circumstances, the acknowledgement of what I had achieved even if I hadn't reached my ultimate goal. I could see the grace, love, and compassion I was denying myself.

Apologies, I'm starting to ramble (I do not know the meaning of brevity lol), so I'll cut myself off and just say this: if you had a friend who had submitted to a zine, didn't get accepted, and started calling themselves stupid for trying, what would you say to them? How would it differ from how you're talking to yourself? Because if it would be different, you are deserving of the same love and encouragement you'd be giving your friend.

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OOOOOOOO check out those blue parses. Nicely done!!