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I have it on PC and I have had occasional stuttering here and there but thus far, it hasn't affected the gameplay or any fights.

Played some last night and I didn't get terribly far, but I'm already enjoying way more than I did Dark Souls. Plentiful bonfires/sites of grace means you save progress fairly often, as well as make it easy get back to where I died and snag my dropped souls/runes. I've defeated a couple of the smaller bosses, haven't attempted any of the big boys yet.

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Soooooooooo I bought Elden Ring. This is my first FromSoft game since giving the original Dark Souls a try a good while back (after getting it for, like, $5) and bouncing off it hard. I hope I didn't just make a mistake. lmao

I don't think so since everything I've read says that while the combat is still difficult, because it's an open world game and not discrete dungeon levels, if you run into a boss you just can't hack, you can easily leave that boss and try another boss, or just grind up levels for a bit then come back, as well as having npc summons that are actually pretty good and strong long-range spells. Or, if you get in over your head and aggro too many enemies, you can get on your mount and RUN AWAY. lol

In the original, if you were running into a wall on a boss, you were kinda shit out of luck. You could still grind levels, but it felt like your game just came to a stand-still (imo anyway). And if you aggro'd too many enemies, sucks for you because they are following you until they get your ass. XD

I could be wrong and I might still not like FromSoftware games. Time will tell, and I shall report whether I made a mistake or not purchasing Elden Ring.

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Of all the MCU movies, I feel like Doctor Strange can get away with having a crapton of CGI stuff going on because magic and dimensions and what not. However, I am worried that this movie might be overstuffed with how much they're trying to do, but the MCU hasn't had a real stinker yet, so I'm tentatively excited.

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The characters have been SO MUCH FUN so far. FCG and Laudna are my faves right now, though Dorian is working his way into my heart.

The length of the episodes is what put me off for so long (putting aside the fact that campaign 1 and 2 had SO many episodes). However, FF14 has my soul and I've discovered that Campaign 3 has been perfect background listening while I'm grinding levels and the like. I'm able to follow the story and enjoy the jokes, fights, and drama of Critical Role while still able to do something so that I'm not just sitting at my computer.

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Man, sorry that I haven't been poking my head in here in a while! Hope y'all are doing well! <3

Sooooo because of The Legend of Vox Machina series that's been coming out, I'm now hooked on Critical Role campaign 3. I avoided getting sucked in for SO long...but they finally got me. lol

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Not that my group is starting it yet (our main tank is out of town so we're gonna wait for him to come back before progging) but I'm so excited.

By the by, the world race to complete p1s-4s was completed on the first day. It was ridiculous lol

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!

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That's fantastic!

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House Fortemps best house <3

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I'm not terribly familiar with either RDM or SMN, so I don't personally know if the changes are good or bad. I know some of the SMN folk in my FC have been liking the changes. I've also been hearing good things about reaper.

I've been hearing mixed things about sage. If you've played healers before (especially SCH or AST), you can pick it up fairly easy (though sage not having a big singe-target heal is apparently a bit frustrating). But if you've never touched healing before sage, it's fairly confusing to pick up.