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OH I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT WONDROUS TAILS. I'll def make sure to do that. Thanks for the tips!

And good to know about the Bozja weapon. I want at least 1 shiny weapon, so knowing there's one relic series that isn't a grindfest is relieving to hear. lol

I am on PC unfortunately. :(

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Napstablook! <3

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Got a couple questions for ya, if you have the time.

If you've done any of the relic quests, besides getting the shiny weapon at the end, did they feel worth the grind? Like, I've seen some folks hate Eureka feeling like it the reward didn't outweigh the grind. I'd like a shiny weapon...but I'd also like to not bore myself to death, no matter how many podcasts I listen to. lol I have limited patience with grinding, to put it simply.

Best way to lvl DPS if I don't wanna do Palace of the Dead or Heaven-on-high? From what I understand, because of DPS queue times, PotD and HOH are the most efficient ways of leveling DPS but get very old and repetitive pretty dang quick. So, if I don't wanna do them, I'm guessing some combo of roulette, FATE farming, and maybe beastmen tribe dailies are my best bet?

(I can't ask my FC because, well, it basically imploded over the weekend. XD XD XD Still dunno what exactly happened, but I'm guessing some kind of drama was happening behind the scenes with the husband and wife co-leaders of FC. Definitely gonna look for a larger FC this time, both for more activity in general, and will be much less likely to disappear within a couple days. LOL)

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Bonus Bonus: [youtube f-o1giccl44 youtube]

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Bonus: [youtube kfoT3khgNEI youtube]

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[youtube NEpKlsUw9XU youtube]

Louie Zong is mostly known for his cartoon work (if you follow any of the McElroy brand of products, you've likely seen a animated MBMBM or TAZ by him), but he also writes music and animates them. There's something very...light and sweet about his songs. Highly recommend you check out his Youtube or his Bandcamp page

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I have. Like, the Saturday after Christmas or the one after, I had the best luck in getting my queues to pop. Got all of Invalice done, some trials, as well as some hard versions of dungeons I hadn't been able to get done. I really liked most of the Ivalice raids...there were a couple bosses that could kiss my ass though. lol Like, a lightening one where I just COULD NOT get the timing to avoid taking massive damage, and the very last boss in the last Ivalice raid.

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Those are some top-tier names. lol

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I'm interested in doing the Nier raid, but I watched a guide for it and wow, there's A LOT going on and it looks very long. lol

I'll either have to do the Nier raids or farm savage Furor and Iconoclasm for the stuff to augment. I'm not sure which would be better or easier.

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Got started on the Eden stuff, ran Refulgence a bunch to get enough blades of golden antiquity for a better weapon. They're tough, but I've thoroughly enjoyed the Eden stuff I've done so far.