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I love the design on the little robots. They're so cute.

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These games tend to bit a *tad* self-aware. Just a bit.

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I fell into the Nier/Drakengard rabbithole last year, and yeah. The gameplay in most of Yoko Taro's games is not great. His story vision vastly outpaced his technical resources. Even now, the frame rate still wants to die during some battles.

Automata's gameplay is so great though. And some of Taro's more edgelord tendencies are reigned in. Most of them.

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He thinks he's in a very different show than he actually is.

It's a good thing he kinda sucks though, because I don't think our heroes could stand against Haman herself

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Yeah...Judau is kind of a little shit.

Of all the fucking people to live through the series, it has to be Yazan.

The OP is a bit on the nose.

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I love The Count of Monte Cristo!

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My condolences to Mark and Baize's family.

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It's been running really well for me. Same for most people I've talked to. Which is a minor miracle for an Obsidian game.

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I <3 Katamari Damacy. It is super relaxing. Just gotta keep rolling things up. Except the cow level. I hate the cow level

If you want something a little similar you can try Doughnut County. It's a short-ish puzzle game where you make holes in the ground. It's dialogue and humor are great too, akin to Night in the Woods.

I've fallen into a Planet Zoo rabbit hole. As well as The Outer Worlds. Which might be my RPG of the year. The setting is great, the characters are the crew of Serenity with the serial numbers filed off relatible and fun, and the choices you make do feel impactful. The problems these people face are not far from our own, just taken to the absolute logical extreme.

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She also gave us the one good part of Game of Thrones' last season