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ValkyrieAurora over on YouTube has a good summery of the lore and screenshot playthroughs can be found over here:

A word of warning: Drakengard do I put this? Written in the style of an edgelord who knows he's being an edgelord. The initial thought behind the game being "What kind of person would want to go through all the killing video games normally require?" There is a lot of death, violence, and potentially triggering content, a lot of which is directed toward children.

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Why do writers keep doing this?

Liara, to me, comes off more as "grad student who is technically an adult, but lives on anxiety and pizza, and has yet to develop 'real world' skills"

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The Mako is just so bad, but I kind of miss it when it's gone? I enjoy gunning it off the top of mountains.

Thresher Maws can fuck right off though

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The PC version is...fussy, and only has a few graphic cards it will actually work on. Modders have slightly expanded that list.

I really like the story of the original Nier, but the gameplay is not very good. I get what it was going for, but it didn't have the budget to realize it.

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Don't do it, Todd.

I've fallen into the Nier/Drakengard rabbithole. Help.

Nier Automata is a fucking amazing game, but PSA: You don't need to play any of the previous games. And shouldn't unless you are a very strange individual.

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I don't remember if this is mentioned in the episode proper, or in one of the manuals, but Kamille's parent's are Titans, in an engineering capacity. They worked on the Mk. 2. Shows how much the Titans care for their own.

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Our protagonists, for the most part, are part of the Anti-Earth-Union Group, or AEUG. Because Earth has taken a turn for the fash in the aftermath of the One Year War and fighting against Zeon remnants, with the founding of the Titans and the gasing of entire colonies. The AEUG is mostly made up of dissatisfied Earth Federation personnel, but there are some former Zeons and mercenaries and the like.

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SEED and SEED Destiny are a...not quite reboot. It takes in a new universe but borrows a lot of plot and character archetypes from the first two series.

I am very attached to it because it was my first Gundam series. But it's hamstrung by terrible pacing and some bad directorial decisions.

It does have interesting takes on classic plots (for better and worse)

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