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Yeah...Bioware's romance dialogue is extremely...forward for my taste.

Jacob's romance dialogue is memeticly bad. They don't even carry it over to 3.

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I mixed up Samara's recruitment mission with her loyalty mission. You'll see.

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You can do a lot of the DLC in the post-game. A couple of them are meant to be played that way.

I love Samara too! Some people say she's boring, but they're wrong. You can recruit Morinth instead; I don't know why you would, but you can.

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I really like Chip and Ironicus's Let's Plays. They're planning to do one of FF7R when they finish Mario Odyssey

They really go the extra mile to show off all the little bits of a game.

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It's Gundam, so their feelings on "are women people?" vary wildly from series to series.

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Hathaway's getting his own OVA series soon, hoping he has some character growth...

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I feel sorry for Quess. I still don't like her, but I guess I pity her? She's 13 and almost certainly has some kind of diminished empathy (more some than normal 13 year-olds) I know she'd hate the pity.

And, yes, Char and Amuro are dead. This was meant to be the grand finale for the main UC Gundam story. Although, Nanai is pregnant, so a couple of Char's descendants are still kicking around the 'verse.

You would think people would stop doing this whole Cyber-Newtype thing after seeing all the detrimental side effects to their mental state, but maybe that's one of the most realistic things about the show. Juries still out on whether some of Char's more unstable moments are a result of him asking Nanai to enhance him in order to beat Amuro, or if he just wanted Amuro to be the one to kill him.

All this over Newtypes and they just turn out to be a quirk of genetics, a beneficial mutation for those that live in space.

You would not believe the number of circular message board debates I've had with people who think Char is right, or at least justified. "He trying to help the people of Earth!" Sometimes, characters lie, or think they're in the right when they're not. Char has been explicitly compared to Hitler in this movie, particularly his charisma. (CHARisma? I'll see myself out) Quess was meant to be a swipe at villain fangirls.

The show after this one is Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket, a 6-episode OVA that takes place on the home front during the One Year War, although I wouldn't blame you if you wanted a break from Gundam.

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Sometimes her name is romanized as Emary. She's the acting captain of the Vie en Rose, a supply ship which double as a support ship for the Argma. Her biggest character trait is crushing on Bright, who seems a little tempted, but remembers he's married.

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Let's see: I think the most important in the long term is that Hayato is killed. He can never quite get over his inadequacy when it comes to Amuro. And the massive amount of guilt for letting Katz join the AEUG

Glemmy, who may be a clone of Gihren Zabi, starts to become a lot more sinister and dangerous as the series goes on, he betrays Haman (although she may have been planing to betray him first) causing a civil war in Neo-Zeon and culminating in 2 horrible things: the use of 10 year-old Cyber-Newtypes in the Psycho-2 Gundam, Ple and Ple-2 and the destruction of Dublin via Colony Drop.

Ple-1 defects and goes out fighting Ple-2. Ple-2 dies, but rescues Judau (who treated her like a person, not a weapon for the first time in her life) before she does.

Masmyre becomes a Cyber-Newtype and also becomes a lot less funny. The villains drive most of this series.

The series gives a lot more sympathy to Haman than it usually does to it's villains, her resentment of having to be a leader so young, her hatred of Char for abandoning her and what she sees as "the cause." Jokes on her, Char is only out for Char.

There's also her....extremely uncomfortable attraction to Judau (whyyyy), she ultimately kills herself after her forces are depleted and Judau defeats her once again, much to Judau's horror.

As for our heroes, most of them make it out. The Vie en Rose is destroyed, taking Emily with it. The kids grow up. Elle becomes a pilot, so does Roux, both are Newtypes, Beecher, of all people, fills in as captain.

And that's all the important stuff I can remember, ask and I'll look up the fate of any other character.

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Once you get the final mission, after the you complete the IFF mission, you have 2 missions before negative consequences start happening.

You have just enough time to qb Yrtvba'f yblnygl zvffvba, then you gotta go.