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It's been running really well for me. Same for most people I've talked to. Which is a minor miracle for an Obsidian game.

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I <3 Katamari Damacy. It is super relaxing. Just gotta keep rolling things up. Except the cow level. I hate the cow level

If you want something a little similar you can try Doughnut County. It's a short-ish puzzle game where you make holes in the ground. It's dialogue and humor are great too, akin to Night in the Woods.

I've fallen into a Planet Zoo rabbit hole. As well as The Outer Worlds. Which might be my RPG of the year. The setting is great, the characters are the crew of Serenity with the serial numbers filed off relatible and fun, and the choices you make do feel impactful. The problems these people face are not far from our own, just taken to the absolute logical extreme.

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She also gave us the one good part of Game of Thrones' last season

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Oh yeah, Chihayafuru is back. Cruncyroll has been glitchy as hell for me recently. So my anime has been limited to YouTube or Netflix. I might watch some old OVAs or something, my library rents DVDs and they have a okay selection. Save for whomever took out vol. 3 of Patlabor and never gave it back.

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I think this is my favorite of the UC Gundams, The plot is great, the characters are complicated, and the mecha designs are A+. I think the Queubly is my favorite, but the Zeta itself is pretty iconic. The Hambrabi is appropriately terrifying. Except the O, The O looks like a potato with legs. The Methuss is...trying its best.

Kamille is one of my favorite protags. He's angry, but in a way that's so realistic it hurts. He also uses the word "autistic" to describe himself. The word can be translated as prodigy or savant, but it's the word a lot of Japanese autistic people use for themselves. It feels good to see someone who is portrayed as kind of odd/autistic coded, but still having lot of intense emotions. We're not robots, we just express ourselves differently.

Also, after a talk with a friend of mine, we're claiming Amuro and Kamille as Jewish. No one ever says they're not so....^_^

Char, Char, Char you're still in it for yourself, but he's willing to work for the greater good Ur tbrf n yvggyr GBB sne va uvf chefhvg bs gur terngre tbbq yngre ba gubhtu

Fa is really the underrated MVP here. She looks out for Kamille, she flies the mobile suit, she survives and that's really all you can do.

While it would be a stretch to say I like Reccoa, I do find her interesting. Like, what motivated all of the terrible decisions she makes over the course of the series? I find her more interesting than say, Scirocco or Jamitov, just creepy, shitty men using everyone around them. I wish Sara could have survived the series and seen a life with people who care about her, same goes for Four and Rosamia.

Nobody should have ever let Katz in the cockpit of an MS. But he grew up watching teenagers go to war. But my thought as the series ended was "who's going to tell Frau?"

Yazan...scares me. There's not a ton to say about him, besides the fact that he was modeled after Sting in Dune and that almost every mecha show after this had a character based on him, with only Char inspiring more.

I'll get to Haman later, after ZZ, because the narrative extends her a bit more sympathy than other Gundam villains

Speaking of ZZ, be warned that there's a bit of tonal whiplash, because Tomino was trying to force himself to be happy and Sunrise wanted something a bit more family friendly to sell toys with. There's some super awkward forced comedy in the first half, but it's still a good show, imo
Also, good luck finding it because it only got released for half a minute in the west before Bandai pulled out of the US

Whoa...that is a lot of words. Thanks for getting me back into Gundam and letting me comment along. I really should watch IBO one of these days

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Yeah...this series has that effect on people.

Tomino remade the series into a movie trilogy in 2004, his depression had improved quite a bit, so the ending isn't as bleak. Everyone still dies though.

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I regret to inform you that Yazan survived, you can see his escape pod for half a second. Bs nyy gur punenpgref, ur znxrf vg guebhtu gur ragver tbqqnza frevrf. MM naq Pune'f Pbhagrenggnpx vapyhqrq.

I almost feel sorry for Jerid because his death is just so fucking pointless.

What did you think of Reccoa's last words? Bitterness? This series' weird thesis on gender? The words of a resigned sexual assault survivor? We will never know.

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I think Gate is just her handler, but one of the weird things about the Gundam universe is that anyone who spends enough time in space can potentially become a Newtype.

*waves at Bask* Bye, fucker!

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One of the villains captures Felicity and Dig and puts them in a gas chamber. Laurel smashes it to save them. This aired and took place during Hanukkah.

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Oh he's not the high up director, one of the animation directors and mostly just in like, nothing OVAs. I can't really remember if there's anything too bad in Macross.

It's something you kind of come to expect when you're Jewish and watch any kind of media. I remember when Arrow put one of their only Jewish characters in a gas chamber my reaction was just "oh. this is happening." And if you get too upset about you're just being hysterical. *sigh*