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Yes! And that's such a great example of a skill he used as a con-man that, in this context, is being used for good

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"Bigger. Greener. More teeth" just delights me every time

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This section is very odd for me. Because basically my only major trigger is hazing, but somehow this depiction doesn't mess me up. Brains are weird.

I'm sure part of it is just that I know it's coming. I've read this book an incredible number of times, including before this trigger became a thing for me. But the other part is, hmmm how to describe it.... He doesn't actually want to be part of the Order. He hasn't trusted them, wanted to be one of them. He hasn't put himself under their care, only for them to enact this cruelty. Instead, they appear out of nowhere and Moist doesn't give a fuck. He wants to pass their test so he can keep doing his job (which is hilarious if you compare him to the Moist from the beginning of the book), but other than that he's zero percent interested in these old guys with pigeon skeletons on their heads.

And those pigeon skeletons!! For awhile I couldn't figure out why they would have them. I thought maybe it just fit with the whole wings shtick? But then I remembered that messenger pigeons are a thing *faceplam*. I love the detail that the golden hat is just this old thing with the paint flaking off. Symbols are symbols because our belief gives them power, not because they're intrinsically imbued with it. And for as much as the order doesn't want to admit it, they believe. And that belief is certainly rewarded in those last 2 pages.

(I'd appreciate if you reply to me that you put any descriptions of hazing that are specific/explicit in rot13 <3)

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I looked back and realized I first started commissioning chapters of this in December of 2014. So I miiiight love this book a whole whole lot

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nghhhh I love this chapter so much. Two of my favorite scenes in all of Discworld side-by-side.

Mr. Pump's speech to Moist about how he killed people by inches is a fucking force. We never hear Mr. Pump talk that much, so it feels even more powerful. And I think this is the first time Moist has actually had to face what he's done. He intellectually knows what he's done: he swindled people, he has their money, now they have less money. But he's never thought about what that actually means. How that affected their lives and their ability to buy food and how they suffered.

And then the section in tower 181. Just, fuck. It makes me tear up every time, and hearing Mark read it was certainly no exception. Mark's already quoted this part in his review, but I can't help but do it again here: "His name is in the code, in the wind, in the rigging, and the shutters. Haven't you ever heard the saying, 'Man's not dead while his name is still spoken?'" Fuck

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