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Soooooooo has Mark seen Hamilton?

Because if not... how much would I pay to watch Mark watch Hamilton? SO MUCH <3 <3 <3

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I would be so incredibly thrilled if Mark would watch Amazon's Good Omens adaptation! It's six episodes, about 50 minutes each I think? So, SO AWESOME and I would definitely be willing to pay to commission all six of them! Is anyone else interested in this?

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Oh, I definitely would love for Mark to watch iZombie!! It's an incredible show and it's in its final season right now, so very soon it will be a closed canon ;)

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Anyone have the IZombie videos? I love that show, just found out that Mark watched it! :)

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Got one, thanks :)

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Why it works for me is that it's basically Dean/Death Wish, which while very heartbreaking and devastating, is also very believable. :(

Dean is drawn to her because she represents, in her words in this episode, "the end of his struggle". Or more specifically, his END, period. :(

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I agree that Kevin felt really underused here and it felt like a ploy - but I realized later in the episode, they needed to show us Kevin getting sent to Heaven and out of the veil, because that's what made it possible for the next prophet to get activated. :/ So, there's that.

I am so very intrigued to see some more interaction between Chuck and Lucifer. Just a couple short lines between them were so intriguing to me, and I'm so frustrated that's where the episode left us, because I NEED more!! :P lol

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See, as crass and offensive as the line was, I kind of read that line of Dean's about how Donatello should recover differently. Because first he said, "You're gonna need a spa day." And then he amends it quickly, almost as if he's afraid of how that first line might be taken, and has to immediately cover it with something that sounds more macho and stereotypically hetero. Not necessarily telling us 'HEY LOOK DEAN LIKES GIRLS" but more reminding us that DEAN really wants everyone to be sure of that.

If that makes sense. :P

There was one new thing in the Dean/Amara scene that I noticed, and talk about a little in my own comment - she explains to him WHY he's drawn to her, and it's something I'd expected before, but hadn't had confirmed. She tells him that she represents the "end to his struggle". It's not just a misplaced romantic connection.

She is NOTHINGNESS, Chuck said. Empty. Void. Dark. The end.

The end of Dean's pain. The end of his constant ceaseless fight. Peace. Dean's drawn to her because on some level he WANTS it to be over. :(

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Agreed. I elaborate in my own comment below, but I think it boils down to... Dean just wants his own pain to finally end. And that is devastating. :(

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Mark, I agree with liliaeth's comment above, and I'm going to explain why...

In the Lizzie Borden episode near the beginning of this season, the show explored the variation in the effects Amara has on different people under different conditions. She took a soul from a man who was more or less happy with his life - he enjoyed his fandom, his obsessions, his LIFE... and he wanted that back. She also took a soul from a girl who was miserable and tormented - she'd been abused and mistreated most of her life, rejected in the near term by a boyfriend - and she felt BLISS.

But it wasn't really "bliss", was it? It was the ABSENCE OF PAIN. She liked what Amara did to her, because where before there had only been suffering, now there was emptiness - which to her felt like PEACE.

In the same episode Sam pointedly asked Dean how HE felt when he was alone with Amara, and Dean was kind of evasive about it. But I got the distinct impression that his reaction was more like the second victim in the episode.

It's the same as Dean saying that he enjoyed torturing souls in Hell. I have to question - did he REALLY "enjoy" it? Or did it just FEEL like pleasure because it was an end to the constant pain? :( And now, Dean feels the pull of that emptiness, that nothingness, the END to his struggle, as Amara stated specifically in this episode. There's an appeal to him about the idea of no longer existing - and therefore no longer SUFFERING.

And that's utterly heartbreaking. :(