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I was extremely hesitant to try PvP in Destiny (it's a FPS for heaven's sake!) for the same discomfort you were feeling -- I hate the idea of letting my team down/being judged for being bad at the game. What ended up working for me was doing enough matches that 1) it meant my contribution in any one game was statistically insignificant and 2) if I had a bad game, it meant I was likely making someone on the *other* team happy. So now I'm like, well no matter how I do, my performance will make someone happy (either myself, a teammate, or the other team lol). It's taken a lot of the pressure off and let me enjoy it more :)

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IIRC I generally used the item cost in the store as a general guide for the size of the bonus. I never used a guide to optimize my upgrades *shrug emoji*

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ahahahaha your reaction to the "mount" is the correct one :P

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where….where do you think the heart is located

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Alexander!!!! I'm so glad you got to that scene. You should have seen my face during Alexander's awakening, after wondering for the whole time I was in the hinterlands what the random bubble was.

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<3 Wedge <3 Tataru <3

I took the whole Shiva thing (from Hraesvelgr and Tiomat's explanation) to mean that Ysayla wasn't summoning an incarnation of Shiva. Rather, she was using the power of lesser crystals (as a proxy to Hydaelyn) or the power of the Hydaelyn crystal (directly) to create a physical form of her belief of Shiva. This seems to be the mechanism whenever a primal is summoned: you have to have crystals (to power) and belief (to give form). What we're learning now is that act seems to weaken Hydaelyn :/

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just a reminder we're here supporting you <3

it seems like you've struggled with consistency in the past, so I hope you find something sustainable *hugs*

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The ending of ARR gave me so many feels, I'm so glad you've seen it now! I was devastated by the Sultana's assassination, I was blown away by Raubahn's attack (and then arm loss), I was so worried for the other Scions, and I was so so so so happy when Tataru showed up! I feel like the game makers were like, here's what we want them to experience, and I was 100% in :P

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Poor Moenbryda, we didn't get enough time with her, the coolest FF character ever ;_;

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I'm also torn about the lack of gender being mentioned in the mining quest. on one hand, it'd be more realistic if it were included, but on the other hand, one of the things I like about fantasy games is the opportunity to escape sexism :/ But it feels like they set up that dynamic…but just didn't *name* it :/