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What I find so horrible about it, is that he's not behaving any worse now than he did during the election, none of this is new. People knew what they were getting in for. And they still voted for him.

And the worst part ,is that a lot of republicans would vote for him again in a heartbeat. And would punish any republican with the sense to stand up against him.

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Also the thing about all the coincidences. You're assuming that he'd planned out every step, when in reality, as we see in several scenes in the movie, when things didn't work out, he just changed his plans. He had one basic plan and moved with the changing situation as it happened.

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I've been really loving this season. They've done a great job making Twelve likeable, and Bill of course is awesome.

I wasn't a big fan of the last two parts of the three parter, but I did like all the other eps of the season so far :-)

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It seems like these idiots at the studio, didn't even bother to sign on Patty Jenkins for future movies when they had the chance, so now she can come to the negotiating table with a hit movie that according to everyone saved the DC universe, behind her name.

I hope she makes them pay up for it*g*

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From what I've read, the DUP just really hates Corbyn, and are working with May as a fuck you to him.

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thing is, in real life, most murderer's motives just aren't that deep.

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Is it bad that I actually wouldn't mind if Castiel stayed dead?

For me, it's felt like both characters were well stuck, and have been for the past few years. It's like the writers keep repeating the same storylines over and over with both Cas and Crowley.

And it doesn't help that I lose interest in Castiel whenever they try to humanize him too much. I loved him in s4-6, liked him in 7, and completely lost interest in the guy by s8, beyond what he meant to Dean. The more both the show and fandom tries to woobify him, and give him storylines, other than his relationship to Dean, less interest I actually had in him.

now I'm convinced he'll be back, I'm sure they'd have given him a more heroic last stand if he wasn't. (like they did with Crowley) But I kinda wish they didn't bring him back. (not unless they finally have the guts to go through with making Dean bisexual, and using Cas as a way to have Dean explore this realization.)

As for Crowley, he got a good death, it's a pity they gave him the idiot ball in his final season, with keeping Lucifer from being sent back to the cage, but other than that, I feel he got a good ending, which is pretty much the best you can expect for a character like him.

I felt the season was good, I just wish that the showrunners had bothered to make the MOL more morally ambiguous rather than flat out evil. I feel the finale would have had more impact, if they'd spent more time exploring the group's morality, instead of just using that damn Mick flashback to show the organization was evil at the core. Once you had them make kids kill one another, there was simply no hope for redemption of the organization. Which is a damn pity, because it made their fight less meaningful, and a hell of a lot less interesting.

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How is this show so perfect?

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They really urgently need to either fire those two, or split them up,and hope that they can do better work, while teamed up with another (better) writer.

I mean, is there even one episode they've written on the show, that's actually universally liked by the fans, or even at the very least, not universally disliked or hated? Even one?