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Finally, Owl Capone has taken the embarrassing Salem headlines away from our (apparently) corrupt governor. Way to go, Owl Capone!

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Have faith, all vaccine lovers! Perhaps these jackasses will kill off the next generation of jackasses and end jackassery for all time!
JK. Even jackasses need to get their jackasses vaccinated. *Sigh*

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This is known as retroactive abortion. If the time-space continuum could be altered to allow this procedure, it would end divorce as we know it!

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That gave me an instant headache.

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Palin's assertion that having a child does not affect a woman's career indicates she has not been following the recent studies and articles stating the exact opposite.
Of course if you really don't want to (or need to) take your job seriously, like being Governor of Alaska, go ahead and have as many little children as you can invent verby names for, like Track.

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"So the notion that the committee’s trying to peddle, that somehow the agency was operating on a rogue basis, and we weren’t being told, or the president wasn’t being told is just a flat out lie."

Thanks for the illustration of throwing professionals under the bus, Dicky. I only pray that, after your latest mechanical heart gives out, you experience some EITs in hell.
With W right beside you, of course.

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This entire budget bill brings more sequester cuts, guts banking reforms and sticks it to the middle class once again. Thanks congress! Shut the fucker down!

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Swanson's blabbery is more proof that those homeschoolers get their reading material from an entirely different publisher than the rest of us.

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Schlafly gives me cramps.