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After he was hired, on Monday, he began trying to scrub his account of the tweets Team Jeb deemed inappropriate. But then people noticed, and on Tuesday he resigned."
Gotta love a Chief Tech Bro-fficer™ who can't even understand that, as they say, "the Internet is forever."

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YESSS. Perfect! I'm so stealing this.

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I currently define my sexuality as "attracted to Elizabeth Warren yelling at bankers"

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Yeah! So humorless. And they show up A LOT in nerd/geek/sci-fi oriented corners of the interwebz, for some reason. Ugh.

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True, but this brand of atheism is popular with the assholes. #JustSayin

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"A review of the Facebook page of the man charged in these murders, Craig Hicks, shows a consistent theme of anti-religion and progressive causes. ... Remarkably, one of the four Facebook groups he had joined was 'Religious Tolerance.'"
File under: Reasons I left the atheist "community" after a few years.

I've known tons of guys like this: the New Atheism bros who practically worship Dawkins/Hitchens in place of god(s) and treat science like a religion.

These guys view themselves as totally "logical" and objective, and they use that in their anti-religion crusades. They can't possibly be wrong about anything, because SCIENCE is on their side.

They aren't being cruel, just logical! They're not Islamaphobic! What's Islamaphobic about logic? And they don't even realize that they sound EXACTLY like the right wing racists they hate.

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Um. NO. I do not accept!!! Not okay!!!!!

Seriously tho: Damn. This is the end of an era. I'm a little bit teary... I know that most kids' earliest political opinions are shaped by their parents/family. While that's partially true for me, Jon Stewart & Co. had an equally large impact on my early political life.
Growing up during the Bush administration definitely required a bit of humor, and TDS was a welcome relief. I'll miss this.

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Hiya, kids! Hey, do ya wanna know what's even sadder than unicorns being non-existent?

Unicorns being extinct!

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I can't wait for his inevitable "Not A Homo, Just Extremely Vain!" defense.

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Noooo! I saw the Disney Channel Original Movie Smart House! I know what happens next, and it's not good! RUN!!!!