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•Talks a lot about subjects I know nothing about so I always think of them as smart but they might be making it all up.

OMG, just explained so much about a particular relationship.

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Took me a long time to realize this was a test specifically for "It," and not a general test for determining if any cultural product is or is not feminist. I was getting some interesting results.

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Secret Love is one of my all-time favorite coming out songs.

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I can think of a few co-workers who I'm going to have to boil alive, let's just say for "sinning," and I am pretty sure there has to be an easier way than bending them in half backwards.

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I love that Ina was a nuclear policy analyst before she opened up shop in the Hamptons and starting having gays over for cocktails.

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If I were Wonder Woman and I were heterosexual, I think I might be more inclined to date Jason Momoa as Aquaman. We'd have more in common, I wouldn't worry about snapping him in half during sexxxy times, and also even though Chris Pine is fine and he can get it, Jason Momoa > Chris Pine.

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DeathÜber - cannot stop for Death? No worries! With DeathÜber, the app simply tells Death where you are, and Death will kindly stop for you! *Note: Immortality may also be a passenger.

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We never learn whether the President was a Clover or a Toro.

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"I am an efficient killing machine" is not the kind of personal statement most admissions offices are looking for.

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Thumbs would probably have helped too.