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Since when did airlines take the place of the show "What Not to Wear?"

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But now we are going into bars and scooping up any men who have done anything, be it ever so slight: a smile, a look, forcing a woman to live under his desk in a secret room and refusing to tell her what year it is, offenses of WILDLY DIFFERENT DEGREES that I am just lumping together as though I think all of them might be possibly acceptable if you did them outside the office.

First they came for men I did not like, some of whom had beards that did not look good, others of whom were conservative media personalities, and still others of whom combined those characteristics. But then it started to spread until we were even ruining the careers of people who were accused of minor offenses, like saying “good morning” with a weird emphasis, or eating a sandwich while maintaining eye contact with someone who wasn’t their wife, or emailing a woman a respectful compliment.

Oh no, have none of these things happened? My mistake. I am worried that they will, which is just as bad.

Pretty sure there are enough actual harassers that we women don't have the time to invent them.

(Seriously, though, the sarcasm in this op-ed is fantastic. 10/10 would read again.)

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LegalFling still has to receive the approval of Google and Apple before it can be downloaded.

Let's get it going, Google and Apple--this thing could be fun!

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As if flying weren't enough of a pain in the ass FFS.

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Wonder what it would take to convince the TrumpPenceZees to live there.

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Agreed. IDK what Ben Cardin has done to deserve to be primaried.

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In short, mainstream media have a vested interest in government subsidizing pro sports teams. The media noise drowns out common sense and economists’ intelligent analyses.

Sounds about right.

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Not a Dodgers fan, but we Angelinos love visiting SD. And BTW, every Chargers fan here that I know thought they should have stayed in SD FFS.

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