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Oh, for &etc.

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They certainly look the part.

Glad to see the counter-protesters there at least: I wonder if any of my friends from my Tempe days were there?

Also too, if the activism bug bites you, check out Flip Arizona on FB.

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I don’t think Trump has a conscious intent to vandalize liberal democracy — he doesn’t even understand what it is. Rather, his twisted, compulsive insecurity requires him to use his office to attack, delegitimize and weaken every democratic institution that may occasionally operate outside his own delusional narcissism. He cannot help this. His tweets are a function of spasms, not plots. But the wreckage after only one year is extraordinary. The F.B.I. is now widely discredited; the C.I.A. is held in contempt; judges, according to the president, are driven by prejudice and partisanship (when they disagree with him); the media produce fake news; Congress is useless (including both Republicans and Democrats); alliances are essentially rip-offs; the State Department — along with the whole idea of a neutral Civil Service — is unnecessary. And the possibility of reasoned deliberation at the heart of democratic life has been obliterated by the white-hot racial and cultural hatreds that Trump was able to exploit to get elected and that he constantly fuels.

Huh...I am simultaneously depressed and inspired to fight!

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Possible Cookbook Titles in a major upset

Olivia Nuzzi heroically plumbs Bannon’s sartorial abyss

His work completed, James Comey is relieved of duty in a landslide

MUSIC German metalheads construct beer pipeline for Wacken (whose fans held a drunken and rowdy celebration afterwards that resulted in four arrests)

Trump Adding Former Lobbyists To Swamp, Giving Them Ethics Waivers in OT

Interesting new world-destroying potential threat to worry about: Mach 25 missiles

Cthulhu Fthrozen

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is caught on video confronting a Chicago Cubs fan while carrying a basket of nachos, while wearing fugly throwback uniforms that make the bumblebees look good

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If this applies to marijuana crops, California's budget will never have a deficit again. Thanks, China!

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I wish to fuck that my political groups didn't rely on FB to organize, the end.

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I guess she's not a cinnamon girl...

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Also, Ted Lieu nailed it:

Dear John Kelly: One reason the @realDonaldTrump Administration has trouble attracting top talent (you still haven't found anyone for US Ambassador to South Korea) is the perception that you and @POTUS treat people badly. And perception becomes reality, or perhaps it is reality.

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Is there anyone in the West Wing who isn't a raging asshole?

I know, I know...