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She's a vile, vile woman, so the portrait is very appropriate.

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In 30 years, all the politicians will be Brynleigh and Aidan.

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Do any of YOU PEOPLE know anything about binoculars? My mother likes to watch the birds in the tree outback, but the little cheap one she has just isn't good enough, and she's indicated she'd like a new one. I'd like to make this happen for Mother's Day, but I just haven't the foggiest; a quick Google last night overwhelmed me. She just wants a small one, nothing fancy, not one of the ones who's hundreds of dollars, but not like the cheapo ones you give little kids (which is kinda what she has now). I can't afford the former, either.

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LOVED it! I never played the games, though had a vague understanding of the conceit. It really is the perfect sort of world to play in. It hits you over the head with the "Corporations are bad!" theme, but, you know, they are. Glad it's getting a second season.

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The longer I sit with it, the more I think that lip synch really, really did doom Sapphira. Like, she revealed the teeth and... that was it. I was waiting for the punchline -- blood coming out of her titties, a fake heart she'd bite into, something like that -- and... it never came. Like, the teeth was the reveal. And I also noticed that her moves were very, very familiar. Like, we've seen them all before; she did them the other times she lip-synched. And, of course, all queens have their go-tos, and Nymphia wasn't reinventing the wheel, but it just seemed like Sapphira has a single routine for all lip syncs, and that just doesn't cut it in a finale.

You know, it's funny, that for a long time it didn't seem like lip synchs mattered at all to the outcome, but this season, I think it really has saved/doomed several people, even unto the last.

I am still GAGGED, though. Like, I don't remember being so stunned, and continuing to feel that way, at a winner in I don't know how long.

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Color me not just shocked, but gooped, gagging, gooned, and gasping! Really, really not what I expected. People speculating that since Sasha was a "mother" win last year, they wouldn't give it to another mother this year. And she's the first East Asian winner. Still, SHOCKED!

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Ru doesn't give a good goddamn about who is getting more social media support. She's gonna crown who she wants to crown, and I would be SHOCKED if it wasn't Sapphira. I think you're right, hv and DQ, that Nymphia will slay an All-Stars. Plane, too, probably, to be honest.

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Hola, Hiro! What a beautiful beagle you are!