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Is your friend impaired in some way?

Because ewwww

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He may be correct. After all, people did vote for him. If that's not a failure of education, I don't know what is.

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I don't get why everyone picks on the shark. It isn't as if anything else up on that stage could dance either. Or sing...

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I know, right? That wine and those crackers? Ick!

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How fat is he?

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Thankfully jeebus has kept the land of Ohio safe from all of this so I don't have to go outside in the cold to check on my squirrels to be sure they haven't turned.

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I have a pet peeve and since I know it is my issue I wouldn't dream of trying to legislate it away even if I could, but ladies, black bras under white shirts? Please stop.

(except for Gillian Anderson on The Fall - she can keep doing it - she's my "I'd switch" woman of the week)

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Oh darling, you're sweet, 6 years later no one would pick up a sand dollar for me :P

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Flashback. June 2009. Holmes Beach, FL. My daughter and I enjoying a nice walk in the white sand, watching the waves, hoping to glimpse a dolphin. Into our line of sight moves a fairly portly man. You know the kind, a big firm drum tummy and spindly arms and legs. He is wearing a zebra striped speedo. And gold chains. He is bronzed and hairy. He thinks he is god's gift. He attempts to chat us up. We smile and nod and keep moving. He moves briskly ahead of us and slowly bends over to pick up a shell saying, "Look here, a sand dollar for you lovely ladies." We don't see the sand dollar as we are transfixed in horror by his saggy scrote sliding out of the leg hole of his speedo and hanging midway down his skinny thigh.

You're welcome.

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The puppeh video almost makes up for the moron video. Love that frenchie who just sits there in his wee coat like, "The snow she is horrible! FrolEEK? En thEESE? Nooooo"

Now I'm going to take my laptop to my bedroom and watch Neil...