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Vessels filled with seamen need to avoid whales. What if the whale were gay? They could all be sucked out of the boat....

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I think Wonkette should give Liz a complementary catsuit and whip. There's no one on this earth who could wear one more appropriately.

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I'm surprised that Rick Scott and Scott Walker haven't already instituted mandatory porn-testing for medicaid recipients...

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They can have a beer summit with Henry Louis Gates and commiserate, while they search for their roots.

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"We have made God in our image"

Of course we did. Since there is no such deity, we had to copy the only thing we knew. Which explains why "God" is so nasty and mean; constantly seeking revenge for perceived slights. He's only human, after all.

Although, if *I* were going to choose a human to pattern my god after, I would choose someone with a sense of humor. I would much rather he were more like Jon Stewart. Just think how much fun life would be!

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OT again: My most common screen name when I used to chat was "Zippy" after the comic strip. Since you beat me to it (at least on Wonkette, I used it since 1999 in chats), I had to reach clear back to 1996 for my first ever screen name.

Here's the origin of this one:

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The internet has turned journalism into a giant game of "telephone".

OT: I guess I'm famous. Some gun-humper blog chose one of my old comments as their "comment of the day" to show how intolerant and low-minded liberals are:

Make sure you click on the link for "Markley's Law". The shootists corollary to Godwin's law. Even though I was just commenting for laughs, and don't really think all gun enthusiasts have tiny pee-pees (actually, they're sociopaths), I was happy to be of service.

It's from Idaho. I wonder if Dok is living a double existence?

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Golf clap

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People that make over-the-top analogies are like Hitler.

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Terrorism compares to climate change like having to pee in your spacesuit compares to misplacing your helmet.