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slightly OT but did you see the other day Perry said America has learned its lesson with Obama, namely not to elect somebody just because he's "young and attractive"? Leaving aside that Obama was president of Harvard Law Review, etc., when was the last time you heard a straight man describe another man as "attractive"? Rick keeps dropping his purse!

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I'm glad to see that Katherine Harris is not aging well. http://media.bradenton.com/smedia/2014/04/22/16/4...

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What's with the bug eyes, Steve? Looks like a thyroid condition.

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Oh I just read the NYT article and it says yes, Rand has backed away from what he said before about keeping African-Americans out of your hotels and restaurants. It was the kind of mistake anyone could make, a fine point, splitting hairs really. One minute you think African-Americans are not really human, and then you decide that they are. I give him credit for making this subtle change in his thinking.

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Has he backed away yet from that statement he made to Rachel Maddow a year or 2 ago that he kind of thinks the government shouldn't be able to force hotel and restaurant owners to serve African-Americans, because after all, you should be able to say who stays at your hotel, it's YOUR HOTEL!

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Jeez watch that video,it's amazing. The dead eyes and deadpan reading of lines that make no sense. Half of them sound like Tea Party, and the other half sound like Stalin. The only thing they all have in common is that they are all angry and hateful.

Also the Iraq such as, how can a 13-year-old boy have a receding hairline?

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Simone, let's talk about your Big But.

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Florida is big on allowing any lunatics to wander around with guns, shooting kids with Skittles, whatever. They love their guns. EXCEPT when government officials feel threatened. That's a different story.

It's like Nino Scalia, who wrote the Supreme Court "Guns are Great" decision. He made sure to say that "reasonable restrictions" are A-OK in certain "sensitive buildings," such as the U.S. Supreme Court building where he works.

He may be the biggest a-hole in Washington, but he's not suicidal for Chrissake!

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Yeah she probably would have been fired years ago, but she's the only professor at Gordon who has testified before a Congressional committee, and for some reason Gordon thinks that's impressive.