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Oh God, I am so sad to hear this. Sending so much love to her loved ones. Thank you for letting us know.

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This is an interesting number, because I am seeing 12% of Bernie voters voted for Trump, which would mean 0% voted for third party. And this is only of the Bernie primary voters who voted at all, correct?

But I absolutely could be wrong. It's what I remembered thinking about after the primaries from what I was seeing and reading through the election, and it's what added to my uncertainty on Election Day, but we are now nearly two years after the fact and memories play tricks.

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I disagree with that summary of why we are here, but my point about Bernie isn't that he's solely to blame. I think he could have done more to try to get his supporters on board. Hillary messed up, too, as did the DNC.

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Sorry for being unclear.

The "you" and the privilege comments were directed at what Bernie was saying. Not you.

Thanks for that, though. I'm very aware of my privileges but I'm hardly perfect regarding them. None of us are. Luckily I'm not running for office.

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Well one thing is that he was running for president and was telling the young folks following him to not make this a litmus test issue while still doing his whole I care about the economy thing, sooooo same points as above re: what women's reproductive rights have to do with the economy and poverty, etc. I haven't voiced my support for Joe Biden or Tim Kaine as presidential candidates, though I thought Biden had done pretty well in the last 10 years or so? Was he campaigning on throwing out the right to choose as an issue of concern? I remember reading about how he was very into blocking Bork partially because of Bork's stance on this issue. I have no idea if he said we shouldn't be concerned about the right to choose when evaluating other candidates but, again, I didn't support him as a presidential nominee. Not a fan of Pelosi's either, but we aren't currently talking about her.

Bernie is tutting at average people, not his opponents. And I was referring to his seeming reluctance to distance himself from some of the rhetoric of his very vocal supporters who were not acting with civility.

I still think that he could have done more to help us avoid where we are at right now.

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Learning from the tea party is one of the things that I have been talking to people about for years. Dems need to focus on local elections and build up new leadership. They need to stop taking places for granted that they will just go blue and they need to embrace the working class.

I'm tired of all the old hat and I think we might see some great leadership arise from the younger generation. I am hoping for it.

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Speaking of privilege...

That's an easy thing to say when the policies that are destroying people's lives don't touch you.

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Ha! Sorry, just because I don't like Bernie doesn't mean I'm against all of his ideas. Would be a nice argument for someone who said that, though.

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I think it's more telling about the Democrats how he is the most popular "Democrat" (without being a Democrat) and not so much about how great Sanders is. Also I thought Biden was wining the popularity contest?

I don't recall him caring much about civility in 2016 but maybe that's my foggy memory. I think he could have done more to try and prevent what we are now experiencing and I think his ego is why he didn't.

A bunch of people are freaked about losing the right to choose right now. Bernie was fine with having that issue be a negotiable one when it came to supporting other candidates. He talked about not ruling people out on this "single issue," which isn't something I recall him doing for any other issue that is part of the liberal litmus test. This runs directly counter to his claims about working against poverty and working for a better economy, unless you think women's involvement in the economy is meaningless. So yeah, not a fan.

I'm tired of Baby Boomers, in general, running things. I'm not running around posting about what Hillary is saying (other than when she makes a stellar burn tweet), either.

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God I wish he would fucking disappear from public discourse.