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She died. I don't even know what to say. She was one of the good ones. This is awful and shocking.

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A Guardian journalist walked out of a discussion on Sky News for just that reason:

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I went there last year; rather adorably they have put a stuffed Lemur in Mah-Johng's little sleeping room. (Do go if you ever get the chance- I was dragged around what seemed like nearly every National Trust property and English Heritage site as a child and this is one of the most fascinating).

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Motherhood is a Lana Del Rey video.

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I hate that the Daily Mail has stills from the video that the murderer shot. Their main picture right now is Alison Parker reacting to the gun that is just about to kill her. Her fear and that man's act of violence is going to define the memory of her now, not the life that she led.

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Ignoring the awful rabbi, this was such a lovely post. There is a series on the BBC at the moment about the spiritual and religious side of three important rivers- the Nile, the Ganges and the Yagtze which is really interesting (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04l911c/episodes/guide). There was a programme called Pagans and Pilgrims: Britain's Holiest Places, which did an episode on how water keeps popping up in various religions as well.

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I've wanted someone to make a movie about this for agessss. I only drink on trains.

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I feel like the babies were a bit tacked on and unnecessary. Like she was a fertile woman in a YA novel so she had to get pregnant. It's that whole Chekov's womb thing.

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Oh, really? Well, you do you, crazy lion lady. But if she had proper healthcare, maybe she could get therapy to work through some of her issues? She drinks her feelings away a bit too much to be healthy and all the conspiring to murder people isn't really good for the psyche.