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And, of course, back in 2006 DEFCON showed how to hack voting machines anyway. http://gizmodo.com/200693/how-to-steal-an-electio...

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I liked "Giving away WUTANG album RT for a chance to win" even though it's been deleted. And the one about having anal AIDs.

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Hahahaha, New York writer thinks strippers are born with those bodies.

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If the Huffpo is the leading long-form journalism publication, we are all fucked.

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The MIT defacements didn't interfere with coursework or access to information; they actually had a link at the bottom of the page to the original landing pages.

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Oh yes, the classic anti-hotlinking thing.

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All that I've ever had to provide was the relevant dates of the posts and links. It's ALWAYS a good idea to make screenshots of their posts stealing yours, in case they take those down, sensing trouble. But even if the DMCA doesn't work, it raises a flag with the web host, and they will treat any subsequent ones as serious. People like this don't generally stop until the penalty for continuing becomes too painful.

"Becoming too painful" is the entire point of my strategy, as you can tell.

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Indeed I do: Whine Journalism and How to Bring the Splashback http://manolofood.com/whine-journalism-and-how-to...


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I don't understand why people keep treating this as a wine journalism issue: it's a theft issue. Copyright violation is a serious issue for anyone who creates anything original and posts it online. Offering to run around after the fact and scrawl the victims' names on everything she stole doesn't negate the theft.

I see this kind of thing all the time, and I also see a systematic shrug of the shoulders and a "well, I can't afford a lawyer and I want to be nice," but dammit, that isn't good enough. It isn't even necessary. I'm seriously angry about this, angry enough to write a post to teach people what to do if their work is stolen: take the offending website entirely offline AND cost them their ad revenue. It's a wicked double whammy and it doesn't take more than a half hour, and NO lawyer.

So, at the risk of seeming spammy, you can check out that post on Manolofood.com but I sincerely hope that a fellow Armagnac fancier would see where I'm coming from on this. Spread the word and smack the offenders over the head with an empty bottle and a DMCA notice!