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And if they aren’t eligible for Medicaid (home care is only Medicaid not Medicare), then there may be visiting nurses or similar programs that’s provide the services.

Has Mr. CB met with somebody with a local council on aging or local nonprofit providing supports for the aging? They have social workers who can help him both learn options, but also talk to his parents. That’s my friend’s plan for her next steps as she’s in a somewhat similar situation with her parents. Although both healthy for their age, they can’t keep up with the house and refuse to get help or move.

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I somehow missed that you are dealing with trying to find a diagnosis that is likely autoimmune. It’s a long difficult road and a lot of random symptoms can happen. I hope this one is temporary.

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You are a hero. So wonderful what you are doing. I can tell how much this outbreak and the shelter’s response has been hurting you.

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Post-travel every tendon feels inflamed.

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Things I don’t comprehend because my child is the opposite of what I was - she’s fearless and stands up from scrapes and keeps going.

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That’s great. I was asking because I was gonna see if he was young enough to use a balance bike. There’s some brands of bikes where the pedals come off so it’s a balance bike first and those are really great because the kid gets the balance of that bicycle before peddling.

But sounds like you helped him get the confidence he needs.

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How old is he?

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Really good vodka on ice

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First, is there any concern of safety you have? If yes, immediately raise.

Second, yes, this is weird. One of Teeny’s teachers had her daughter in the class most of last summer, but her daughter is less than a year older than most of the kids. It was still awkward. Her daughter didn’t interact in the same way as all the other kids. My first concern was whether there was any issue with her getting more attention, and there wasn’t. In the end, I didn’t say anything because I think it’s just that the daughter didn’t get an ideal summer situation but the other kids weren’t harmed at all. And I did like the daughter.

This is different. He’s supposed to be volunteering and it sounds like he isn’t. Maybe he’s helping with some chores, but if he isn’t interacting with the kids in a positive way, then his presence is a distraction to the kids and that is a problem.

Childcare teachers are paid crap everywhere in the US. “Competitive” does not mean good and it’s very possible or she can’t afford something for him this summer. I love the idea of raising money to pay for a camp of some sort because I know childcare providers struggle to make ends meet. But there may be other teachers that made hard choices and are giving things up to pay for their child to have care this summer. And also, a lot of child care providers have to get care that you may see as not ideal because it isn’t with the same level of education and socialization. I say that because why does this teacher deserve the benefit others don’t get? You have to consider that as you consider raising money.

Since your wife is involved and respected in the church, she can probably ask questions others can’t. Maybe she can ask what he’s supposed to do, share she feels he isn’t actually providing a benefit, and also dig to see if there is a justification for raising money for her besides she brought her son to work.

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Happy birthday DQ! The doggies don’t deserve you. Ok, the doggies do deserve you but we don’t.