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I've been lurking here on and off for a while, but I spent a good chunk of yesterday re-reading the children's stories made horrific series and it occurred to me that Strega Nona would have been perfect for it and now I can't stop thinking about that so I had to share it.

I mean, without tweaking the story at all, you already have a town that's flooded by pasta to the brink of destruction, like a tastier Vesuvius. The Pastacalypse, if you will. Then as a punishment the apprentice is forced to eat all of the pasta. I feel like a person could really do something with "forced to eat enough pasta to smother a town."

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Been so long since I've been active here, I keep popping in and out for animated things it seems. Anyway here's the Batman TAS 1x14 patreon commission, and Death Note Episode 2, should have 9 clicks each.

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I looove the soundtrack so much, honestly. Especially the credit theme.

And yes HI!!

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Samurai Champloo!

By no means perfect, but I think we could have fun with it, and I do enjoy myself when I watch it. It's by the same creator responsible for Cowboy Bebop.

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Oh yeah I'm definitely in love with the way it was developed. Like I said near the end of my spiel, I think their romance grew naturally from a strong friendship in a beautiful way! When people said that it was an asspull in the last two minutes that came out of nowhere...I just can't see that, heh.

For some people I think the problem is they heard about it before they knew anything about the show, so maybe they had higher expectations for what was going to happen? Neither A:TLA nor LOK was ever romance-focused - Aang and Katara had some anvil-sized hints, but that show wasn't about them getting together - and I think if people watch this PURELY to watch the romance between Korra and Asami develop...yeah they're probably going to feel a bit let down. It was lovely but fairly subtle since, again, it's ultimately more of an action-adventure show with romance sometimes. So I think maybe some of the disappointment is just people walking in expecting the show to be something it's not?

All I know is I enjoy it for what it is, and found it both poignant and clear enough that insisting they're only friends is a bit obtuse. People don't have to like Korrasami, but respecting its canon status and not trying to chip away at the hints that laid the foundation to "prove" that it's not canon, or canon ENOUGH or whatever, despite what the creators themselves have said - well. That would be really nice.

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Watching Korra was an interesting ride for me, because I was SO hyped for the first season and subsequently so let down by the problems that season had that I did not pick the show up again at all until I saw a gifset on tumblr that showed Old Zuko showing up in the third season. I'm always a sucker for Zuko, you guys. So I got back into it sometime around the start of the fourth season, but I'm terrible at watching things regularly - I'm a binge watcher through and through. Honestly, I didn't catch up in time for the finale because I wasn't ready to have seen all of Korra. But when I saw the gifsets of the end scene as tumblr EXPLODED with them, I immediately sat down to watch the rest. I didn't mind because I don't mind spoilers, so Korrasami wasn't a surprise to me, and I still cried like a baby.

Another reason I love the ending was because I had kind of assumed that Makorra coming back was an inevitability. Sure, they broke up back in season two, but that's how these things GO, most of the time. There's a rocky relationship through the show and by the end they're happily together again. I was so, so pleasantly surprised, not only because of who they were pairing Korra with instead, but just because it meant that Legend of Korra showed a relationship where things didn't work out and that was okay. Sometimes you really like someone but you're a disaster as a couple, and I loooved that the show recognized that and let them be so mature about it. I loved that they managed to stay friends and be amicable and grow past the awkwardness of having dated each other once. It seemed so healthy to me, and definitely a good counterpoint to all the shows that have people arguing and breaking up over and over again for the drama before ending up Happy Forever. I like Mako much more in the later seasons, where by his own account he figures out who he is without a woman in his life.

This ending made me retroactively enjoy the whole show more, to be honest. I think of it so much more fondly now than I did even just a year ago, because while the second season was certainly rocky as well - Bolin being emotionally abused and cowed by Eska, and then in turn pushing himself on Ginger was something I could have gone my whole life without, thanks, plus all the terrible relationship drama Part Deux with Korra-Mako-Asami - but the third season REALLY turned things around, and the fourth absolutely blew me away. I'm so glad I gave this show another chance. It means so much to me now.

Anyway I hope that they get to be so mushy and sweet together in the comics that I get toothaches from it, that is all, thank you for reading my word vomit on the last two minutes of this show.

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I cry every time I watch the end of this episode.

It's this incredibly powerful welling of emotion that just...overtakes me. I cry listening to the music and picturing the scenes. I cried watching Mark watch it.

So I think, because this is clearly something that is very precious to me, that I can get a little kneejerk defensive of it. That said, obviously I want to respect people who don't like the pairing for whatever innocuous reasons, so I'm going to try to outline why some of the criticisms I've seen of it bother me without getting too heated or accusatory.

Mostly what I see is people claiming that it's too vague and they come off as just friends and thus it's poor representation because it wasn't more obvious. And, honestly, I do wonder how much of a complaint that would be if Korra had been paired with a man. Mako is the obvious choice - I really can't imagine people would brush off her blushing at a compliment to her hair, and Important Handholding and the other small hints if it had been with him - but even if they had introduced a new character as a love interest for her and that character was a guy, and the exact same hints played out with him, I wonder how much of the same reaction it would get of the hints not being enough.

This is because it happens all the time with romantic relationships between women, both in fiction and real life. "They're just friends!" even with established relationships is depressingly common. This article does a better job of explaining what I'm getting at.

So it bothers me to see the argument that none of the small hints in the whole season were building towards a romantic relationship between Korra and Asami and that it can easily be interpreted as them being just good friends, because that is exactly how the media constantly de-legitimizes relationships, and to me it seems to fit into that homophobic pattern. It's so easy to end up doing this unconsciously, because that's how we've been trained to view these things.

Do I wish they had been allowed to be more obvious, the way the other couples were allowed to be? Absolutely. It is unfair that they were not allowed to show the same level of open affection that the couples they were being directly visually paralleled to - Aang and Katara from the end of A:TLA, and Varrick and Zhu Li, both of whom had an on-screen kiss. Of course I would have loved Korra and Asami to close the series out with a kiss, would have been overjoyed if they had had more explicitly romantic moments to point to. Of course it's a problem that they weren't afforded the luxury of saying they were together in so many words, the way Bolin and Opal did. At the same time, if you tell me that it reads as 100% platonic, I don't know. I can't see it that way. It hits a sore spot and upsets me to see it so easily dismissed, when by the creators' own admission the hints were placed there on purpose and it was planned throughout the season. Again, I feel that if it had happened with a man, there wouldn't be quite so many assertions that it was ALL friendship and nothing more.

Ultimately, I understand being disappointed in how little material there ended up being in canon for Korrasami (especially compared to counterparts like Opal / Bolin) to the point that you feel let down, or just not getting into the ship for whatever reason. I think I am so strongly affected by the ship and its canon status, which provokes such a visceral reaction in me to this day, that I probably take the declarations of it being purely friendly a little too personally, so I'm probably not going to be popping into other threads to talk with people very much, especially if they were unhappy with it, because I really am too protective of that sore spot and I don't want to be telling them how to feel about it.

What we didn't get can be disheartening, but I don't think is discounts what we did get which was, for me personally, touching in a way that I can't describe. This franchise that I have loved intensely for 10 years has made me feel included and seen, and I think about what it would have maybe meant to me to have seen this as a child, and what it could mean for all the children who can grow up with this series now, to have a romantic relationship between two women develop in a way that feels natural from a solid and healthy's everything to me.

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Man this episode is a punch to the gut. An amazing one, but gghhggffsd.

Also the Korra vs Zaheer fight is SO visually stunning and I love it to pieces.

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I too am excited to see Mark go through the rest of Korra, and also wow hey guys been a while.

I think the last things I was really around to mod for were Princess Tutu and then Revolutionary Girl Utena? I only come out of the woodwork for animated shows headlined by fantastic ladies, I guess.

As usual I don't have a lot of thoughts about the episode in particular but I will be here. Waiting. Watching. Nunning.

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This movie is WILD

(gifs made by me)
(also this photoset that won't really translate to these comments well)

Okay, before I started this series, I knew two things about it: the pink haired girl and the purple haired girl are canonically in love, and there is a movie where Pink Hair turns into a car.

Now, armed with that knowledge and having finished the already surreal show, I felt mildly prepared for this movie. I was wrong. No one can be prepared for this bizarre movie. Even knowing she turns into a car I was still just...what?? When the car wash popped up.

Visually, I find it beautiful. I had a lot of fun with the surrealism and the fact that Utena and Anthy could finally kiss on screen. Altogether as a product I still think it inferior to the show, but it's great fun to watch and there's still plenty of meaning and interpretations as far as What It Means in relation to the show that I find interesting. Is it an AU? Is it an AU but also a continuation?? IT COULD BE EITHER

I like the view of it being a parallel universe where Anthy travels after the series to find Utena because it's comforting, though I personally just think of it is a condensed retelling and have headcanons for the end of the show where they find each other without car transformations being necessary.

Also, the music is great.