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I was considering it! There's a lot of fic to sift through in this fandom. I'm always a little nervous about reccing fic, especially to people whose tastes I don't know very well, because I think there's a difference between "I like this" and "I think a lot of other people would like this" and I get kind of worked up about how my recs will be recieved, but I think I know of at least a few that are cute and solid and that I would generally say I feel are well-written.

With YOI specifically there's also the added things I worry about like "this fic talks a lot about figure skating and I'm nervous about recommending it to figure skating fans who might spot inconsistencies that take them out of it but that I didn't notice", and sometimes people like to play with languages since both Yuri and Victor speak multiple and ditto for that since I don't speak Russian or Japanese (and it is ofc done with varying quality).

BUT ANYWAY I will sort through my faves and try to find things that I think are good reads.

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He really is a giant dork ilh

It's funny because a lot of fic that people wrote early on as the series was airing (and sometimes even now) has Victor being Very Smooth and I like him way better as his goober self. I think the red herrings thrown in early to make you think of him as a playboy make his flirting seem a lot better than it is because honestly he comes on with the delicacy of a freight train in between being bluntly rude to the target of his affections.

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Yeah :( My favorite fics are usually ones that deal with Victor's loneliness and burnout. Also fics set during the summer between episode 4 and when the competitions start in autumn, where they're both falling in love but Victor's confused by Yuri's apparent mixed signals and afraid to go back to flirting too hard again, and Yuri is ofc grappling with being in love with someone he's idolized and "how could he be interested in ME cause he's VICTOR" feelings. It's been coined The Summer of Mutual Pining by cafecliche on tumblr.

But yeah Victor tried SO HARD at the beginning with his flirting. It's basically impossible to get a jinbei to gape open the way his does in ep 2. At one point he got it to slide sensuously down his shoulder while he made eyes at Yuri and said that he's hungry. He was really pulling out all the stops and it just made Yuri confused and overwhelmed I think. THESE TWO.

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I agree! Both of them change so much! There's a lot of surprising depth to this series, especially considering the length, and the way Victor and Yuri develop over the course of it - together! - is so heartwarming.

And yeah I think Victor just kind of assumes they're going to pick up where they left off at the banquet which is why in episode two he looks genuinely confused when Yuri scoots away from his face caressing and hand holding. He asks why Yuri is running away, and if you watch it from Yuri's perspective it's obvious, but from Victor's it is a confusing reaction. Again, he probably ended up chalking it up to "Yuri's embarrassed by the banquet and wow he's very very different sober," but it looks like confusing mixed signals because Yuri in Hasetsu isn't just a bit shyer, he totally runs away from all of Victor's advances at first. Then Victor tries to talk about dating history with him, in a scene that seems pretty obvious he's digging to figure out if Yuri is actually interested in him or not, and Yuri shuts that down too.

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I wasn't trying to say that Victor is deluded into thinking that Yuri wasn't extremely drunk. I think that you can be aware someone is really drunk and they're probably not the same sober, but still expect the two to be closer than sober Yuri vs very drunk Yuri. If Victor was aware that Yuri's regular personality is so much more reserved, I don't see why he would think coming on so strongly at the beginning would be effective. It takes a few episodes for Victor to wind down from that and start to genuinely get to know Yuri as a person - which is partially because as we saw in episode 4 Yuri was intentionally avoiding opening up to him. Prior to the beach scene in episode 4, Victor actually has little to go on for understanding Yuri more deeply as a person.

Victor has probably paid at least some attention to Yuri as a skater before - I don't hold with people who think he's SO out of it that he doesn't keep an eye on up and coming skaters just because he's so good and that he didn't even know Yuri's name before offering the commemorative photo - but I don't know that that would translate to anything beyond noting his good steps and spins and musicality, and that he tends to crumple under pressure. I don't see any reason for him to have been already aware of what Yuri was like personality-wise. Watching skating videos might have let him know that Yuri could be a person who can give him genuine competition if he was given the right tools, but it wouldn't give him deep insight to Yuri as a human being.

I'm not trying to say that Victor didn't realize he was drunk, or that he thinks Yuri spends most of his time dancing the way he does when he's got 16 flutes of champagne in him. But I do still think Victor possibly had some misconceptions about Yuri prior to showing up in Hasetsu - not realizing how extensive his confidence issues etc are - and then he re-adjusts to go more at the pace Yuri seems comfortable with when those crash up against reality.

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As far as Victor being Plushenko, I think the creators said the characters have been inspired by real life skaters but not just one for each of them, and that if they named them there would be a list for each, basically. So Plushenko could be partial inspiration, but I know Lambiel was also used as a reference for him - for both his skates and they had a whole folder of pics of Lambiel to use as reference for his posture. I don't know which other skaters would be on the list though.

Also yes he would have been 17 at the Torino Olympics he apparently won gold at. If we take that AND the 2014 Sochi Team Russia sweats into account, it's actually likely that he's won gold at the Olympics twice, because if he was able to compete in 2014 I kind of find it hard to buy that Victor in the midst of his streak of winning literally everything didn't do well in just the Olympics, and if he was injured and couldn't compete he probably wouldn't be wearing the outfit around. He's set up as having been this absolutely dominant unassailable king of men's singles so I just kind of assume he won that one too lol.

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noooooo now I'M crying reading that post and then watching the skate :'(

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Wow this program is so INTENSE

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If you go back to the first episode this first (media) smile we see out of Victor suddenly looks so fake, almost pained. It doesn't hold a candle ANY of the smiles he graces Yuri with, aka real smiles. In addition to this being a neat detail I also just think it's impressive they conveyed that through animation.

There's even more I could say about things like their beds in the hotel room being pushed together or the scene with Yurio (where he's still walking around kicking people wtf Yurio can you please chill already) and who yells that Victor Nikiforov is dead, and how once he insults Yuri Victor's demeanor gets colder and that's probably the closest we have ever gotten thus far to Victor actually showing anger on this show but WOW I've already written a lot about this episode and I want to link art too and other people will probably cover the Yurio angles of this episode better than I so...that's that. But one last thing:

Victor's first attraction to Yuri is when Yuri is objectively kind of a wreck. He's super messy drunk, his tie is around his head, he's lost his pants and his eyes are watery and his nose is snotty when he clamps onto Victor and begs him to be his coach if he wins the next dance off, and Victor is like. Wow. HE'S PERFECT. Yuri seduced his celebrity crush while being sloppy and earnest and drunk as a skunk. Truly, he has reached new inspiring gay heights. It's such a beautiful, happy plot twist. Surprise! Victor was MORE into him this whole time than we could have DREAMED. Also also there's a fast snapshot of Victor twisting around looking at Yuri even before he's started drinking. Victor's interest has been real from the start, and the start is even longer ago than you are lead to believe.