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The thing that really gets me here, is we know, from the very first of Nina's scenes, that the 'whale stuff' is exceedingly complicated. That one element was like...debugging a robot. That's probably a good portion of the reason that scene was put there.

Also, 'nature stuff'? Damn, whales are one of the other wizarding species on this planet. Has Penn never worked with one? (Or just another species-- a cat, a dog, what have you). Or even talked with one?

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I had never heard of rat kings before i read this book, and the idea of it still makes me wanna vomit.

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The latest patch of SU eps (Raising The Barn-Kevin Party)

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Then ad in the fact that Gemcation was actually the third episode in this set of episodes, not the second...
(Not that the order of those two matters hugely, but still.)

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Order's expired!

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As someone who's taught kindergarten, it's a very real danger. And my uncle, who's been teaching for over twenty years at this point, has gotten into the attitude of treating basically everyone except his parents like that, and while I loved it as a kid, as an adult it's rather grating.

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the way her hair jiggles in hypnotising

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Furthermore, I believe I read somewhere that the processes of organic life (especially the release of oxygen) creates certain chemical reactions that increases the chance of silica formation... and if your soldiers, Quartzes, are made of silica...

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Well, I wouldn't call myself an expert in disability representation... but I do have some more minor disabilities, and friends and family members with more 'extreme' ones, and I've always loved what SU has done with disability. For example, 'Monster Reunion' brought me to tears when I first watched it, and it is such an excellent piece about handling disability, both physical and mental and PTSD and how they intertwine....

The great thing about SU is how an individual episode might have issues (for example, Peridot's relationship with her disability in 'Too Short to Ride'), but because it's in a greater context of a whole bunch of other disabled characters, it doesn't have to be held up as The One Great Example, so becomes a lot more nuanced. (For example, for me, I read that episode as two disabled characters fighting over whether or not they want aids or not, and the ending a great example of how people with disabilities often have genuine, unique skills they have overlooked...)

(I'd say the only thing I feel it could do better is maybe having human characters with physical disabilities. The best example we have is probably Barb, who wears a leg brace)

And I love this episode. Okay, in fairness, Rhodonite and Fluorite don't fit as much as 'disabled' characters, but like Garnet, analogies for queer (and in Fluorite's case, polyamorous) people who are ostracised for their relationships. Sure, they could 'choose' to go back into society, but that would be hiding who they are. So you have the Rutile Twins, who really, are just ostracised because they look different-- like real life siamese twins, or someone with scarring or whatever. They seem perfectly competent and probably could be an 'aid' to society, if society's own prejudices let them. On the other end of the spectrum there's Pad, who seems literally incapable of sensing things outside her past vision, leaving her permanently living in the past. (Quite a good metaphor for processing disorders, imo). This really is a disability which makes navigating life hard. But she is just as valued as the rest.

And then there's Lars. As someone with anxiety, I love him so much <3 <3 <3

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We all have a lot of feelings about Steven, Mark. At this point, the poor boy has taken the 'all loving, sacrificial' hero thing to the dangerous extreme-- where he seems to be loving everyone except himself, and is only bothering to escape and such on the behalf of others...

As I wrote in my review of the trial:

and then in my theory post, Let's Talk About the Pearls, because I still had more to say: http://elexuscal.tumblr.com/post/161218600836/let...

I really don't like the idea that Rose Quartz was framed or had zero responsibility in the murder. To me, all the clues are currently pointing to while The Diamonds might be covering something up, what they might be covering is that a pearl did it. (Or, perhaps, a fusion). Someone incredibly low ranking, not a mighty warrior, someone who could've slipped in undetected and unnoticed...

Specifically, I think it might've been Rainbow Quartz, Pearl and Rose's fusion, if only because that would also still let Rose have a hand in the death, while also explaining the Pearl focus in the trial, the fact Pearl's backstory has remained so shrouded in mystery, and her extremely panicky, emotional response whenever this comes up. Obviously Rainbow doesn't look like them... but these are beings who can shapeshift and make holograms, so they could've disguised her...