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So I'm writing this from the middle of season 5, [juvpu unf qvfnccbvagrq zr terngyl. V srry yvxr gur jevgvat unf tbggra ynml naq gurl'er erylvat ba gebcrf jvgubhg pyrireyl gjvfgvat gurz gur jnl gurl hfhnyyl qb, naq Ens naq Wnar trggvat onpx gbtrgure qvqa'g znxr zr srry NALGUVAT, naq V hfhnyyl fuvc gurz! V jnf yvxr "bx jung'f gur pngpu" orpnhfr vg sryg gbb rnfl. V'z pheeragyl yvxr svir be fvk rcvfbqrf sebz gur raq, naq vg'f jvyq gb jngpu Znex or hacercnerq sebz guvf crefcrpgvir!]

[Yby Wnar naq Crgen. V whfg erpragyl jngpurq gur rc jurer qhr gb Zvfhaqrefgnaqvatf, Ens guvaxf Crgen unf srryvatf sbe Wnar, naq bu zl tbq. Uvynevbhf!]

Watching Mark be completely unprepared and say things like "[V qba'g xabj vs Wnar fubhyq or jevgvat sbe n gryrabiryn, fur fubhyq or jevgvat ebznapr be jbzra'f svpgvba]" is so great. I have missed this site. It took a pandemic for me to feel like I have the time to really participate again and that sucks. I wish I could have been here the whole time! It's been what, 8 years? Jesus.

I LOVE "the problem is further back." I remember the day after I watched this episode I was reading one of those Reddit relationships post where the relationship itself is obviously a Bad Idea but the person writing the post thinks it's just whatever the latest conflict is, and I wanted to go to them and be like "look, the problem is further back."

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The meta-commentary is one of my favorite parts of this show. They'll tell you how stories work and then do that exact thing. I love it.

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Guvf rcvfbqr znqr zr ernyvmr gung gur fubj npghnyyl fhoiregrq gur rivy gjva gebcr sebz gur fgneg: Ebzna jnf nyjnlf gur rivy gjva! Jr arire rira tbg gb zrrg gur tbbq bar! EVC Nneba, jr arire xarj lr.

I love them all living in Alba's house too. Multiple generations under one roof always seems so cozy to me, although I know in practice it's probably like "I can't have sex in my own house or my grandma will hear me*." I just feel like we lose touch with our families of origin so easily when we live in different places. I really wish I could be around every day watching my niece grow up, but I only see her on holidays.

*Be lbh jvyy urne lbhe tenaqzn univat frk.

I would TOTALLY watch the Raf and Petra Buddy Shenanigans show. AND the Michael and Rogelio one.

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Aaaand this is the part where I break and HAVE to comment. I was just reading, because intensedebate doesn't work on my phone for some reason, but I had to move to my laptop so I could comment for this entry!

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OK I need a DISAGREE sign

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I'm pretty sure most of the Jimmy Kimmel jokes that I actually liked were scripted, and every time he had to ad-lib he fucked it up. STOP TALKING ABOUT NONWHITE PEOPLE'S NAMES. HOW DO YOU NOT REALIZE HOW RACIST THAT IS. Like, I don't care when people make fun of Benedict Cumberbatch's name, because he's a famous white British dude and that's pretty far up on the privilege ladder. Punch up, not down.

Someone pointed out that if you're on a tour bus during Oscar night, you're probably not that excited about the Oscars. I did like when Denzel Washington married that couple though, and the picture of Ryan Gosling whispering in the woman's ear is my new favorite meme.

I liked Justin Timberlake's opener, although nobody else seemed to--everyone else on my Twitter was like "ugh this song is boring and this is a bad opening" and I was like "DANCE PARTY, GUYS."

I feel like in general the Oscars tries too hard to please everyone and ends up really disjointed and incoherent. Like they were going for a "classic hollywood" thing this year, with the opener and the montages of past winners, but then they had to add Jimmy Kimmel to appeal to The Youths or some shit, and they fuxed it up. You need someone naturally funny to deal with the little ad-lib moments like that, and Kimmel... isn't.

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Yeah, my roommate was like "he deserves an Oscar for Cottonmouth!" and that's when I realized where I'd seen him before.

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Yeah, I saw that and I was like "welp, he's fired."

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I was watching it with my roommate and when La La Land was announced, I literally said "OF COURSE" and sighed, because I don't trust the Oscars ever since Crash beat Brokeback Mountain in 2005. But then they were like "wait no" and I was on Twitter and my ENTIRE TWITTER FEED was like "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK JUST HAPPENED??" It was a trip!