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Speaking of Lost, in class last week, my professor mentioned a panopticon. He asked if we knew what that was; some did, some didn't, and some of us were, like, we've heard of it but don't know much about it. As soon as he mentioned Jeremy Bentham, I remembered where I heard about it: Lost fan theorizing!

I hadn't thought about the show in a while, so it was a nice jolt of remembrance.

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I haven't been watching Supernatural for a long while, but I thought I'd watch the most recent episode; I thought the stuntiness of it could be fun.

Mostly I came away thinking vg jnf ntterffviryl urgrebfrkhny. Cnvashyyl fb.

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Hello, Discworlders!

We're getting close to the end of this book (sob!), which means it's close to new banner time. The next banner will include Gur Jrr Serr Zra and Fpvrapr bs Qvfpjbeyq VV: Gur Tybor.

So hit me with the most evocative imagery for these books.


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Greetings, cousins!

We're nearing the end of this book (omg, how?), so there's another banner to be made. This time it needs to cover Vagrevz Reenagl 2: Ryrpgevp Obbtnybb Ba Beqrny and Gur Obbx bs Avtug Jvgu Zbba.

So what sort of images are evocative of these books?


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Wait, is that... an actual scene from the movie? 'Cause I know people are like, this movie is great, but no one mentioned there's an Astaire-Rogers-styled dance on a "Let's Face the Music and Dance" set with a "Night and Day"-styled gown.

I... really need to see this movie now.

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I'm not saying his Scandal character is not capable of this, but here's an example of Joe Morton on Eureka:

A black man and a black woman dancing robot-style on a dark dance floor

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I only really know Joe Morton from Eureka, and I loved him there. I think it would be weird to watch him on Scandal, though, because of the dichotomy between the characters.

He's still great, though.

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I really liked Iron Man 3. In some ways, it might be my favorite Iron Man movie? At least, it's definitely the one I've been most tempted to buy when the mood strikes me to buy a movie. (The MCU movies I've bought are the three Cap films, Ant-Man, and Spider-Man: Homecoming, if that gives you an idea where I tend to fall. Oh, and I'm gonna buy Thor: Ragnarok as soon as it's out.)

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Yeah, it just shipped at the beginning of January. It's... pricey, but it's very pretty. And, because I'm a sucker for all the stuff, I also paid for the online version, figuring it could be good for perusing during downtimes at work.

They put the entire G chapter online as a preview, if you want to check it out: B5 Encyclopedia - G

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Precisely! Now I know how long I have to try and pull some cool things from the B5 script books.

And I have an entire B5 encyclopedia to read through. My 2018's gonna be all B5, all the time. (Not actually true, since I've started a Leverage rewatch -- with commentaries -- and I might want to rewatch Parks and Rec, too. But still, lots of B5.)