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(FYI, I ciphered this based on rukbat3's reply. Let's leave the plain text discussions about it for the future.)

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It's really good to have you back commenting.

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Not gonna lie, but sometimes I pull up the image of the station and just gaze at it.

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And I spent the whole time in DS9 comparing it to B5! It's all about perspective, I think.

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In the B5 Encyclopedia (online edition), they have "images of the ships and planet we had re-rendered in 1080p, high definition from the original files," and they're so nice. There are a few videos, too (just, like, a ship spinning in place), but they look like just cleaner versions of what they had.

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Mark: Oh my god, what the hell have you gotten me into???
*cackles* So many nuns. Just... so many.

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Script Book Highlights!

Midnight on the Firing Line
  • Because of how late the series order came, scripts for the beginning of Season 1 were needed at the pace of one every two weeks -- and that’s from concept to completion.
  • During this time, the production had to set up in their new studio location, which couldn't be secured until they had the series order, which left them with about two months to transform an empty spa tub factory into three shooting stages. They had to soundproof, wire lighting and air conditioning, and either reconstruct sets from the pilot or redesign and rebuild them (and wardrobe and prosthetics, too).
  • Because of that chaos and the pressure on it as the first episode, it was the third one to shoot in order to allow the production team and cast to feel more comfortable with all the elements of this episode (sets, stunts, and CGI).
  • As seen in this episode, one way B5 tried to stand out from other science fiction was to try to make their ships as scientifically accurate as possible.
  • Vir was initially named Virell, which appears in some drafts of the script; JMS ultimately thought it sounded too Minbari and chopped off the end.
  • Early stages of the script still had Lyta Alexander instead of Talia Winters. (Patricia Tallman didn’t return because of contract negotiations falling through.)
  • Johnny Sekka wasn't available long-term, and Warner Bros. "weren’t convinced of Tamlyn[ Tomita]’s performance as a member of the military," so both of their roles from "The Gathering" were written out of the show.

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A quick note about the MDS Master Schedule and the viewing order

Hey, y'all,

When you're watching the episodes, I don't know if you refer to the Master Schedule or the viewing order post. Me, I tend to use the calendar, and I tend to think of the episodes by title rather than number. To that end, to help us keep track of when the episodes get a little rearranged, I've done two things that should help.

1.) On the Master Schedule, if you click on any B5 episode listing, you can find the episode title in the description.
2.) For easy access to the viewing order, I've put a link to it under Babylon 5 in the site menu; just hover over it and you should get the drop down. (It's also included on the Past Shows page, for the future.)

I hope that's useful!

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