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Ciphered the last part of your comment for casting information about another series.

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Galavant 2x05 (yes I only bought the one I was missing) http://markdoesstuff.fetchapp.com/get/5c48b9d3

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episode 5 is expired, possibly the rest now too. Thank you!

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I swear there's a couple of shots where it looks like Galavant/Sasse is really into Queen Minogue running her hands over him.

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I did not try that and now feel slightly silly for not thinking of it.

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*facepalm* guess who completely forgot we were starting Galavant this week? Worst moderator is me.

Like arctic_hare I first heard of this show when the original trailer was circulating on Tumblr. I swear that must have been almost a year before it aired. Or maybe it just felt like a year because I was looking forward to it so much. It ended up being every bit as delightful as I'd hoped and I too will never forgive ABC for how badly they treated it.

Since I forgot to rewatch the episode I don't have solid thoughts on the episode beyond: three years later and the title song is still as catchy as ever. It started playing in my head while reading the post.

After a very rushed bit of digging I managed to find the original trailer we all loved so much on Youtube! Link because the Youtube embed isn't working for me for some reason. No spoilers, it's basically the opening number/She'll Be Mine slightly re-edited. Mostly I just wanted to find it to point out that if you listen carefully near the end you can catch the Jester singing 'come back for next week's show'. Somewhere before airing ABC decided to air two episodes a night, reducing the run to four weeks (seriously, they screwed this show over so badly). Once you know that it's pretty obvious that the 'come back for our next show' line that's in the final episode doesn't actually fit. This has been your weird useless bit of trivia, I'll shut up now.

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Frevbhfyl Evpuneq'f nep npebff obgu frnfbaf vf nznmvat. Ur pnzr FB SNE! UR TBG N QENTBA!

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The Good Place 1x11-2x01 (Mark's reaction to The Thing is everything I was hoping for btw)


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Yay for Galavant!!

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I KNEW he looked familiar! He was also Gilbert on Being Human!