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Thanks so much for reminding people! :D For anyone who missed arctic_hare's announcement about it a while back, the ads are as unobtrusive as possible, and rated safe for children!

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These are the first two to come to mind for me as well, but as a Charlie stan I have to include LARP and the Real Girl, and because it hasn't been mentioned yet, shoutout to What Is and What Should Never Be!

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I have a hearing aid on my left ear, my right ear is essentially worthless at the moment (though I COULD get a CI for it if my hearing in my left ear were just slightly worse but so far I've been rejected by my health insurance so, since I have progressive loss, I just gotta wait for it to get worse, how nice), but yeah other than that it's the same day-to-day deal! I only know the ASL alphabet, though, self-taught out of the back of a Helen Keller book in the 2nd grade, but I intend to learn more 'cause eventually it'll probably be more of a necessity. I don't have very good dexterity in my hands though so I'm not sure how that'll go, haha.

I'm really glad you responded! If you're comfortable doing so, could you message me on tumblr (if you have one; mine's linked in my profile) or at my email (rotting for paranoia wheee: zbfxvgpura@lnubb.pbz)? I have something MDS-related that I'm not ready to discuss in public but which I'd like your thoughts on. :) Thanks!

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Hey! Are there any other deaf/Deaf/HOH folks, or anyone with auditory processing disorder, in the MDS community?

if so:


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Okay, we've found Project Wonderful which seems to be a much less obtrusive advertising service (where we have actual control) so we'll be taking the current ones down shortly. At least the pop-ups finally stopped for me? UGH.

We're sorry for anyone we upset with this and for anyone who has a website and actually likes their users: don't use Revenue Hits for the love of god

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Like, for the sake of transparency, these are the only options under "preferences":

and I unchecked those as soon as I saw them bc wtf?? Like, there are the ads I've physically gone into the HTML to place, I did not agree to these popups...

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like I seriously think this service was highly rated bc it tricks everyone into clicking things and it forces popups on you and that is NOT something either of us want to do to any of you so this is... disappointing -_-

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Yeah, I was gonna make a post apologizing for the... sneakiness of the ads, we didn't know they'd be like this D:

Also, I've disabled the popups (I was not aware that that was a thing that they would do, wtf? I JUST WANTED TO PLACE SOME TINY ADS NOT DISRUPT THE COMMUNITY'S LIFE GOD) but they just did it for me which was annoying as fuck so if it doesn't go away within an hour or so we might have to scrap this service. We chose it because it rated well in revenue but apparently at the cost of ANNOYING EVERYONE INCLUDING THE PUBLISHERS

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Thank you so much! Nun of this would be possible without you all!

You are the cutest ever omg

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Like, I know this clicking was done out of love and support but this really fucking blows :/