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The Doctor is popular over here!? Man, I can't seem to get anyone I know to watch. One couple finally agreed and only made it through the first two episodes of the newer series. "It's too boring," they said. Oh but then--THEN they started watching all of NCIS. For the SECOND time in a row. Gotta be kidding me.

Yeah I skipped the old Doctor on public broadcast too. How foolish I was! :'(

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So the Doctor isn't really popular in Canada either huh? Has he even visited? I don't remember any stories being set there. I mean if he has time to pop into a diner in Arizona for no reason you'd think he'd visit Canada every once in a while. Shoot--all the evil aliens should just set up their master plans there!

Whoa you have a brother too!? What he like? He has a phone I see! Interesting, interesting.

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Ah yes the fandom. I miss out on all that interesting hype and expectations because I only talk about the show with you and one other person. And Doctor Who news isn't really mentioned here in the United States.

Oh, wait, there WAS a Jeopardy question about it the other day. The answer was "K-9." ;)

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Oh man I didn't know! Shoot, he's in season two!? That means he already saw my favorite part from season one! Remember when Kira blows up that guy's kiln and sets his house on fire? Ha,ha,ha that was the greatest ending.

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Oh yeah tell me if you figure it out. I wasn't really sure why the Doctor needed to wipe Clara's memory or vice-versa but it was good to see the immortal woman again!

Right that Moffat guy. Why is he leaving? Is it just that time? I remember people complaining about him but I didn't really understand it. It takes so many people working together to produce a show that it just seems wrong to credit one person for the success or failure of a series.

I would like to see a Silurian companion, though! If we MUST have a companion. Like I said, that episode where he went solo was pretty great!

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Yeah I loved most of this season as well! That clockwork prison episode was one of the best time travel stories I've seen. And no Clara! I did not like the Clara stuff. With the raven or whatever. When she was giving her "final" speech I was just rolling my eyes at the screen because I KNEW they'd use some B.S. way to get her out of it.

Showrunner? Ha,ha, I don't even know who you mean. I haven't been in this forum for a while so I don't know any recent pop culture stuff. Explain yourself!

Oh yeah Missy is awesome.

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What. WHAT!? You aren't shocked and astounded to see me barge in here after all this time!? HOW do you always manage to stay so cool, Hass!?

I did see that special! It was good to see River again too, especially with her being on the ignorant side for a change. Man oh man that armor was way too silly, though. Reminded me of Mombi from that Wizard of Oz sequel. Mombi was pretty freaky, though.

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No, but I'm up for talking about the past three seasons of Doctor Who! ;)

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I'll have to agree with you on this one, Arctic Hare! I wrote off this show a while back after watching a single bad episode. Then I had a friend do the thing where they show me ONE specific part while I'm over at their house that they KNOW I'll resonate with. Is there a name for that trick?

Anyway I caught up this past year, watched the season finale, and then found out it's really over. :'(

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That full set of armor for completing the "journey" is quite the motivator. I could never bring myself to level up a guy to 70 in the previous seasons, but "your impale does 40,000% extra damage to the first enemy hit" was very inspirational! ;)