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I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel... and this description seems fair. lmao.

She is my babyyyyyy.

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I really really really enjoy this episode, but I wish it had been a two parter. The first part dealing with waking up Amelia and company and them getting used to the 24th century, and then the second part dealing with the new human society that was created. The choice isn't quite as impactful because we don't really get to see that society and the world that the crew is giving up for the chance to maybe one day see Earth again.

But in spite of that, I love this episode and I LOVE Janeway and Amelia interacting. <3 <3 <3

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The reason this doesn't feel like a season finale is because it wasn't meant to be. The producers/writers thought they were getting a few more episodes for season 1, but then the network decided to end the season with 16 episodes, so this became the finale and the other episodes planned for season 1 were moved to season 2.

As an episode, it's fine. It's not amazing, but you know, it's nice to have another episode acknowledging how the Maquis might have a hard time integrating with the Starfleet crew.

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This post is too real for me (she types why studiously ignoring the spinach that is currently going bad and starting to smell in her refrigerator).

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Love her voicework as Flemeth in Dragon Age, too.

I love all the 'hey it's that person!' voice work in Bioware games. For more Star Trek voices, play the Mass Effect series! Deanna Troi has a small role in it.

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I love this episode solely for being a really great twist on a typical Prime Directive dilemma episode. Usually the problem is that Starfleet has some technology that could help save a planet or whatever, but the Prime Directive says they can't interfere with a civilization's development. So there's the ethical dilemma about following the letter of the law of a generally good idea when it means people might die.

But for once our protagonists are on the opposite side of this! They're the people that want a civilization's more advanced technology! Doesn't feel so good when it's you getting the short end of the stick, does it? But Janeway has to respect the culture's Prime Directive-esque principle because she can't allow herself to be that kind of hypocrite.

And in addition to that, we get the conflict between Tuvok and Janeway as he goes behind her back to do something he knows she would oppose. :O

All in all, a great episode.

I love Voyager so much.

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I do not like the Neelix/Kes relationship. There's just something off about it to me. Neelix often comes off as a bit paternalistic towards Kes which sets off my 'ick' detector. Like idk. He sees himself as her savior since he was the one that took her off of her home planet and like idk!!! It just doesn't sit well with me. Is there maybe a sense of Kes owing Neelix for that? Does she feel obligated to be with him because of that??

That said, I do like this episode because it's really disturbing. Like, getting your lungs teleported out of your body?? THAT'S SUCH AN UPSETTING CONCEPT!!!

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I'm pretty sure that they weren't an exploration ship. They're not a galaxy class ship like the Enterprise so they don't have all those amenities.

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The Doctor shrinking really is a funny gag, but it also does some character work, showing how the crew view him as an afterthought.

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This is a great second story for the show. One of the strengths of the show is its characters, so I think it's smart that we dive into getting to know and understand at least one of them right away while at the same time dealing with one of the other interesting conflict built into the premise of the show- the conflict between the Starfleet crew and the Maquis.

Also, I LOOOOVE Janeway getting her science geek on. I feel like that's not something we really saw from any of the captains in previous series. But Janeway is SO ADORABLY EXCITED about the science of it all! I love that she and B'Elanna can bond over their shared love of science even though their personalities are in conflict as B'Elanna struggles to fit into the confines of Starfleet that Janeway imposes and represents.