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In space, no one can hear your food attacking you

Srsly. I'm in awe.
HR Giger would be... eh.. amused, perhaps~

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Map depicts some deep red for Columbia SC, and orange for Wilmington NC/ Myrtle BeachSC. I was in Wilmington one weekend last month for a friend's family reunion and visited a Belk store for the first time in ages.
The sales register where I was rung up in the "department" I was shopping, included on its cluttered counter a real dinosaur of a computer maybe a sales processing unit, complete with floppy disk drive and the dingy beige color so characteristic of 90s models. Proven not very stain resistant and had acquired a signature pallor of outmoded-ness.

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Yay for her and hugs to both of you!

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That was my reaction to this post's headline. If Drumpfy didn't actually indicate he had been believing Puerto Rico was in Mexico - - even if that's been suggested for exaggerative purposes - - do I really need to have an extra heart attack risk alert or my blood pressure raised to that much more an elevated level? No I do not need that much exaggeration, thanks!

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I learned a new stoopid nickname for Obama among McCain's tweet's naysaying commenters:


To borrow from Bulgakov: attempted snarky slurs like that achieve resounding levels of 'second degree freshness'~

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Can't feel sorry for these guys> I guess I feel marginally sorry for the handful of people I know who derive a small but necessary extra income doing this.

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Plz tell me this is from West Side Story?
I thought I remembered Rita Moreno wearing a lavender dress... but that doesn't quite look like her~

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(heh.. . if it hadn't been for yer reminder here, Creech, I almost might have!)

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What is a "slam" and how does one "snap" it?