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It is absolutely frightening and all of your comments are greatly appreciated, Hope! There is no better discussion on this topic than to hear from walkaways who have been personally impacted by the type of Dominionist education that is being carefully crafted and advocated for in school funding. Thank you!

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I understand what you are saying, but my point is this...the environment in religiously focused K-12 schools span the gamut and people have the freedom to enroll their children in them. But, when we are faced with the push to cripple public education with proposals to completely eliminate it altogether, those who are working hardest to take up that task are predominantly political Christians whose agendas are not to provide a liberal arts education to their students.

As one example, I own a copy of one of their most relied on history books for middle school children, "America's Providential History". Attending worship services may be optional, but being taught a skewed version of our history in America is not when this is the curriculum that they serve. Let's not forget the debacle in Texas with the efforts of the Texas Board of Education less than two years ago when they nearly succeeded at inserting the curriculum from APH into public school texts.

I appreciate that there are good and bad experiences on all sides, but I am mostly concerned with the separation of church & state across the spectrum.

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You are right, Pastor Bess is most definitely NOT a Southern Baptist Convention member. There are typically two main pathways that products of strict environments tend to take - 1) they remain indoctrinated and have learned not to question but absorb; or 2) they take a completely different path and reject. It is simple child psychology that when you tell a child that "they can't" they will grow more curious. Keeping children sheltered at all costs often creates a profound curiosity and then a sense of betrayal when they are eventually exposed to what is transpiring in the world at-large. Abuses are also more likely in private facilities because they subvert the regulations that guide public institutions. Those most opposed to rules that set standards are often the ones that operate outside acceptable norms.

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Then we work to fix our problems in public education rather than destroying them. "No Child Left Behind" was an unfunded mandate that had deleterious effects on teachers and students and schools are working hard to reverse its effects...just to name one major issue.

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I am so encouraged by your understanding and that - as a Christian - you clearly get that I am not in any way attempting to disparage Christianity or mainstream Christians. As an eternal optimist I am convinced that as this awareness spreads we will see an uprising against the threat of theocracy in America before it goes further.

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It is emotional for many, I understand. In fact, many who follow these false prophets and snake-oil salesmen and women are well-meaning...albeit duped buy these skilled con-artists. It is beyond shameful that they so easily prey upon those who seek comfort in faith.

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I couldn't state it better, Floyd!

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It is fascinating and if opportunists weren't so intent upon skewing the tale, we might actually learn about an amazing astrological event that occurred during that time period...the birth of Christ aside. It is just so unbelievable to me how people can be led so easily into stories and defend them as fact. Faith is a wonderful thing...and people employ faith whether religious or not...but blind faith is always treacherous. Thank you for reading. We know this was a long one and chocked full of various details but I chose not to edit it because this is really just a snapshot as it is.

Happy Holidays!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well. Isn't it something how modern day preachers have honed these previous acts of kindness into acts that build their empires and require conversion vows before dispersing gifts to children and those in need? Very sad...and all in the name of "Baby Jesus". For shame...

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Thank YOU for reading and understanding that my message is not about divisiveness but about harmony and tolerance. It is a vocal minority who make tireless attempts to spin our message into "anti-religion/Christianity/conservative" of which we are none of those. Hang in there with us, we are getting people to finally listen...it takes all of our voices.