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But.....I sure will miss the talks and common thoughts we shared. :)

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You traitor you! I understand what you are talking about. If the people knew you in person, they would know that you are still an atheist. People change all the time, no one is static, don't you think?

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Hey now, I don't hate anyone just because they believe in a god, I don't hate anyone, period. But some, I say some, religious folks can drive me bonkers with the god talk. Not so much anymore because I prefer not to hang around the family much. Retard and retarded have two different meanings in my opinion. And I don't feel superior to god believers, if anything, I think they have that holier than thou attitude. You gettin' mushy in your old age Larro? :)
It doesn't matter to me how your thinking is evolving, I'll accept you for who you are or who you become, :)

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Well, if he lived that way all of his life, it would be easier because it was the norm. I would miss some things, I think. I could adapt....

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Man, that's a lot to think about, but you guys are not that old, like me, to start an adventure...or would it be called a new start? Personally, I would like to do that too, live off the grid but, it just seems so hard to imagine. Like, getting up all hours of the night to add wood to the wood burner/cook stove. Ugh.
You guys may have made great pioneers!
I live pretty minimally now, I don't need much. I may be back later to comment more on this.

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Alrighty then! lol! At first I typed "logging!" then corrected it but left out the "L"....i'm a dork.

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It's funny how we re-read our posts and crack up at it. It seems like we are always evolving, which is good I think. I thought about going back to bogging but I'm not sure I want to deal with the butt heads that go there. You sure you didn't find jebus behind your couch? lol!

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Good new indeed.

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Well, they don't any more than usual.

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Are you stuttering? Kidding, your comment showed up four times.
I hope they do stop funding these places if they discriminate because of their religion!