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I've heard a lot of rave reviews of the Diva Cup. Since you can't use PO Boxes with Amazon, I'm not sure how I could set that up and maintain keeping my physical address a secret (not from you, but from the many people who send me death threats.) But I like the idea!

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To be fair "Gotcha bitch!" was a reference to the Dave Chapelle sketch where he gets Oprah pregnant, and is thrilled, because now he can mooch off of her for the rest of her life. (But that was my ex's goal, too.)

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Since you claim to be in "total agreement with every word she's ever written" I'll go ahead and ask you: What is the supposed spiritual "root" of a stiff neck?

Make sure you actually KNOW what someone's saying before you claim to agree with it.

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Do you think she pleased god, when she waited and did nothing as Harrison Johnson died in front of his parents eyes? This is a serious question. Do you think she PLEASED god when she sacrificed that child's life rather than take him to a hospital (where his life could've been saved)?

If you do - why on earth would anyone want to follow such a heartless cruel god?

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Christian with a foot fetish? Oh boy will I ever pass on that offer.

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I have contemplated whether or not I would care for my mom. (She and her sisters elected to place my grandmother in a nicer-end state-run institution.) I have two siblings to share the burden with, and at this point in my life, I would ruthlessly dump all of it on them. My mother had a "funny" EKG recently, so I'm not sure how her health is, but I know I can't really care. Part of me wants her to suffer, to feel pain, like I did all those years she was supposed to be responsible for me. I don't know how you do it.

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Yes, somewhat now. He was kicked out at 12 (my age 8) and then moved back at 18, as this stranger grown-man. Our relationship was harmed by that big separation, and we've lived in different states most of our lives. He's moving to Colorado pretty soon and I'm excited that we'll be able to hang out in person some. He's the only non-believer in my family besides me.

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I gotta disagree with ONE thing - 2% of the population having something doesn't make it not a disorder. For example, I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, characterized by disordered thinking patterns and some really annoying habits. Eating DISORDERS may occur in as many as 10% of teen girls (a tragedy of epic proportions) but that high number doesn't change the fact that these conditions feature *disordered* eating patterns.

Now I WILL agree autism spectrum conditions may not count as disorders. The differences may not be impairments (the way OCD is.) But commonality of a disorder does not change it from being different from the norm (in a decidedly negative way, usually.)

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"I know there is a God because I have had many experiences with him."

To quote my elementary school teacher, do you have enough to share with the whole class? If your god was real, your wish (that everyone could experience whatever it is you think you've experienced) would happen, wouldn't it?

LOVE is very real. God.... doesn't seem to be. However, if you have verifiable evidence (not just "I believe" or "I feel") I'd love to hear it.

Till then, as you say, peace out.

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Well the narrator's POV from Screwtape Letters might lead you to conclude they were actually written by a demon, but in reality CS Lewis penned that book.

You say you've done detailed study of Luke & Acts. Has this study included looking at the history of the Bible, at how the books were written, compiled, edited out, hidden, etc.?

No credible antiquities scholar, or Biblical historian (Christian or otherwise) believes the gospels were authored by eyewitnesses to the events they describe. Yet you do. Is this because you're unaware of narrative writing devices, or because you have some heretofor unrevealed evidence showing that the gospel authors (who lived decades after when Christ would have died) were there at his birth and the Last Supper?

Jesus, reading a book is not "study." It's READING. Please don't confuse the two.