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I'm sure you'd feel it was appropriate for some guy to keep kissing you after you said no, then? And you would of course not want anything in the way of punishment to happen to said fellow, no matter how long the behavior went on, right? This guy can just walk up and kiss you any time he likes, and that's cool. Noted. I'll tell your employer.

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The local police actually told a friend of mine that "no solicitation" does not apply to religious proselytizing, as they aren't technically selling anything. They also said they could not be charged with trespassing. This was in Massachusetts, btw, not the bible belt.

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May I respectfully request that you read the whole story before dismissing him as a threat? This is not a guy who just needs some anti-depressants. This is a guy whose behavior is disturbing and obsessive. If, after reading this, you still believe him to be a completely sane person, I will be quite surprised.

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To quote Jon Stewart, "and I suppose in your town you can go pick up a case of beer on Sunday and bring it to Adam and Steve's wedding?" (You can in my town, but that's beside the point.)

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Monkeys are cousins, not ancestors. Your definition is wrong.

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I appreciate hearing from a German person on this subject. Thanks for your insight.

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We have to stay here and keep the crazies from declaring war on the parts of the world they haven't yet. But feel free to send us reinforcements.

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Thanks for linking to this, Mark. I keep forgetting to come here more often.

Vjack, This is so true, and we need to keep reminding people of that.

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I agree with the "report him" comments. Please do. If you don't, and then he hurts himself or worse, someone else, you'll wish you had.
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That's what I was thinking. I don't go to church for the same reason that the person doing the chiding doesn't go to mosque or synagogue.